Swan Song

This blog post, which I named Swan Song, is my 52nd weekly entry. Hence, this week marks the completion of a full year of Journaling Life’s Sojourns. These 52 posts represent my experience voiced in several different ways. So, “What Now”, after this year ends? Apropos is a well-known adage of old, “Change itself is the one thing that never changes!”

“What Now?” (Photo Credit: Paul Gilmore)

Now, recently (like I wrote in last week’s post), there has been a continual string of busy months apace for the Pittmans. On July 1st, I began a 10-week (and perhaps longer) hiatus from Sunrise Toastmasters, my speakers and leaders club here in Fort Collins — while Melanie and I are in the midst of moving to Thornton, Colorado (an hour’s drive south). Doing so will enable us to live closer to our children and new grandson in Denver.

And I am rehearsing a classic one-act play (Swan Song by Anton Chekhov), opposite Jonathan Farwell, a friend and veteran film, TV, and Broadway actor. Live performances are set for August 7th & 8th, in Fort Collins.

Amidst it all, I have greatly enjoyed sharing with you my ongoing perspectives and narratives via the blog, where archived Journeys are set in five categories: Home; Healing; World; Earth; and Cosmic.

Firstly, the two categories, Home and Healing, are largely integrated, with each of them comprised of 14 unique blog posts.

The Home Journey (like the title says) addresses my blessed time at home: Living Life with my wife, Melanie (an Angel-Incarnate, one with months of experience in urgent, palliative, and near-death caregiving — vis-à-vis our five-year, miraculously evolving Healing Journey).

Home Journey also describes fatherhood in general, plus my own parenting experience, in specific. Also celebrated is Melanie’s and my privilege and pleasure to now be living our first months as grandparents.

Then, World Journey speaks to willingly and ably handling Abundance; “Truth-Telling” (communicating what’s true — free of deceit or falseness); and supporting millions of citizens searching for a United State of Identity, trust, common courtesy, and what remains of a nation’s role in global leadership.

As to the Earth Journey — My blog post, Climate is Everything, queries cardinal elements, like this one: Is Earth’s Life unique in the Universe?

To know, in the end, whether Life even exists beyond Earth, one must come to terms with the nature of one’s own significance here and now. Hence, all of Creation’s primeval elements are, in essence, “closer than hands and feet” in the experience of every one of us.

So, what is the nature of my own personal “Climate”, one moment to the next? Is my life’s every element part and parcel of the manifest expressions of Love, Truth, and Life? Rich food for thought …

Now, in meditating on the Cosmos, I am assured that “Divine Will” is what fuels all attuned human energy, enthusiasm, courage, and endurance — as It seeks Divine Ways to manifest and express through human Being on Earth.

Here, one’s own unique currents of connection with Life Energy bring into manifestation countless resonant processes in any given moment.

These include each Soul’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities — which live and breathe in evidence of an actual, tangible Attunement that, in truth, we share with the Creator and all of Creation.

What a Wondrously Marvelous Wellspring of Life Energy, Eternal Being IS!

All the while, my own sensing is that the realm of “Private Speaking” is an actualized field where creative thoughts (unspeakable, beyond words) are inspired by a deep range of positive emotion attuned with Source Energy.

Such a creative field is powerfully known when held in a quiet, yet radiant atmosphere of Peace and Assurance where wonders materialize with ease!

In that vein, this blog entry happens to be a “swan song” (a farewell) of sorts, before I take a hiatus from blogging. For sure, I will let you know when I return.

Meanwhile, I invite you to enjoy journaling your own life’s sojourns via the “private speaking” of your own mental, emotional, and spiritual making! And an easy way for us to be in touch is via PenDell@PenDellPittman.com

Take Good Care, and Keep, in Heart & Mind, the Source of Life Eternal … Gratefully Yours, as Always …PenDell