Divine Will Seeks Divine Ways

Last Tuesday, at my local Toastmasters club, our Theme of the Week was titled “Hot Times”.  And I, the Toastmaster in charge of that day’s proceedings, introduced the topic, as follows:

“Hot Times” can refer to currently increasing Intensities worldwide — like Global Warming, the Pandemic, economics, politics, ethics, on and on. And personal hot times may well be “closer than hands and feet”. Let’s see where such a broadly described range of topics leads us.

Divine Will Seeks (Photo cred. Benn McGuinness)

I saw where I broadly identified myself with the “closer” element. That was due to several increasing intensities in my own experience of late, including the following:

1) Melanie and I are packing boxes and planning logistics for a residential move next month;
2) I’m taking a five-week hiatus from Toastmasters, having ended my year of club presidency;
3) Then, I will begin five weeks of rehearsals for my live theatre performances August 7th & 8th, opposite veteran film, television, and broadway actor, Jonathan Farwell. And …
4) I remain committed to steadfastly maintaining this weekly blog, “Journaling Life’s Sojourns”!

Amidst all this synchronous activity, I am active with four cardinal self-betterment processes:

  • Daily Physical Fitness — 420 push-ups (7 sets of 20, 3 times/day), planks, scoops, and assorted aerobic and anaerobic exercises — plus 1 to 2-mile power walks 5 days/week;
  • The 22 Proven Processes from Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks;
  • The 40-Day Prosperity Plan from The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, and …
  • “Lessons on Success: 17 Principles of Personal Achievement” by Napoleon Hill

And, at the core of It All, “Divine Will” is what fuels all attuned human energy, enthusiasm, courage, and endurance. And that Divine Will seeks Divine Ways to manifest and express. Jesus referred to Divine Will as the emanating indwelling of the “Father Within: “The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works”. 

The Ways of Divine Will can and do establish alignment in the body, mind, and heart with the natural forces of Being — i.e. the human soul’s alignment with the Forces of Life from Source.     

Consistent practice of the Ways of Divine Will sustains a pristine resonance in our capacities with our own Divine Nature. All the while, dissonance is nonexistent in the creative fields that, by their nature, encompass and imbue our uniquely individual worlds.

Hence, a Note to Self:

“The Gift of your Divine Nature is absolutely impervious at the core of your Soul. And Now is when you can be assured of the True Purpose and safe directions where your Journey goes.

Your core responsibility for living on Earth is based in an awareness and resultant attention to the invisible Emanations imbuing your visible creative fields of manifestation and expression.

Rest Assured that Divine Will Seeks and Finds Divine Ways to Manifest in and through You!

2 thoughts on “Divine Will Seeks Divine Ways”

  1. PenDell: I have a lot of resonance with this post. I was the Napoleon Hill Professor of Leadership at the University of the Pacific in CA in the 1990’s, so I am VERY familiar with his book THINK AND GROW RICH. But the main point is what you emphasize: let Divine Will guide yourself in every moment. You don’t have to plan your future; you just have to be awake to Divine Will!

    BTW, I turned 80 on July 5th so I am “officially” an Elder now (smile). My only “job” is to be a blessing to my world;I have no goals anymore……I am “living in the gift”…check out Charles Eisenstein’s SACRED ECONOMICS for more on this……

    1. Happiest of 80th’s, David! Albeit, for years now, I have witnessed (clearly, even from afar) the continuous resultant blessings to your world of You Being that Divinely willed Gift. Thank You!

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