Living a Week of Thanksgiving

The Spirit of Harvest is present all the time

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2020) — A day which we celebrated this year amidst a week of life-changing dynamics worldwide. Amidst it all, I, for one, feel blessed with a palpable sense of Thankfulness that is freely mine for the having and sharing, come what may!

Autumn Leaves (Photo cred: Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

While we celebrate a harvest season once yearly, the Spirit of Harvest is present all the time.

This week (like the calendar routinely tells us) started on Sunday, when my morning activities included two back-to-back hours where unique, hour-long group meditations were scheduled.

Albeit each of those sessions began with an unscheduled, withdrawn silence, then different participants began to, openly and vulnerably, express their being unsettled, worried, yet keenly supportive of their own children (some grown up), as well as others who now face uncontrollable challenges mounting in their own life, or that of someone else close and dear to them. 

One broke into fragile tears epitomizing acute burdens now besetting the “Heart of Mankind”.

In the wee hours of the morning, I awoke — suddenly startled by an indelible impression that I was not alone. I laid there in bed, not moving a muscle, with rapt attention to the Unknown that I sensed close by. My home’s surround was utterly silent, yet it was not at all like the “withdrawn” silence of yesterday, nor did it feel “unscheduled”. It was right on time in every meaningful way!

And within the capacities of my Soul — every cell in my body; my mind brimming with a vivid awareness, and my emotions breathing in pure Peace — I asked cogent questions of Myself:

“What do I have right now that I can give? To whom? When and HOW best should I give It?”

The answer began to emanate in the form of a kind of vibratory current — one which began with an inherent iridescence glowing in the otherwise total darkness of my nighttime room.

If I were to translate that current into the forms of language we use to communicate through our five senses in this earthly realm of time and space, I would hear it saying, “You will know what to do in new ways, in three days’ time …!”

Well, I envisioned three days moving apace, providing me with step-by-step keys to progress:

At my Tuesday morning “Toastmasters” meeting (where we members practice our leadership and public-speaking skills), I facilitated the proceedings, with the “Theme of the Day” being “Self-Governance” (ie. “Function of oneself or a group free from any external intervention.”)

There, I heard myself say, “Self-Governance is, by no means, selfish or self-satisfied — nor is it encumbered by self-denial. On the contrary, it is others-oriented, humble and kind. It is satisfied with the rich and robust experience of doing one’s very best in each and every present moment. And it is fully cognizant of being solely responsible for its every thought, word, and deed.”

(Incidentally, our Toastmasters meeting ended up being an enriching hour!)

This was a day when I saw, with consummate clarity, how very personal this Truth can be in expression. It states:

“I am here on Earth to radiate a “worldview” that enfolds, uplifts, and ultimately releases the widespread fear and the heaviness of Heart that currently afflicts human consciousness.”

“What can I give of myself that will allow that which is possible to come forth?” Good question. The perfectly freeing answer would be to:

Give the Easiest, the Simplest, Most Humble & Kind, Naturally Inherent and Immediate Gift that One Can Ever Give of Oneself: A Consistent Abundance of Thankfulness —

And feel free to call such a noble act of courage by its most well-known name, “Thanks-Giving”.

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect “Harvest Day” for Giving Thanks — with the intended goal to express Thankfulness for Everything, Everywhere, Every Time, and in Every Way Possible!

Together, Let’s Enjoy Giving Thanks to the Fullest, Here & Now …
Happy Thanksgiving!PenDell

Humble Genius

Humility is a trait of true genius …”


“A frequently used word, it’s a rare and precious anomaly in the scope of human ability. Throughout our known history, individual geniuses have uncovered solutions and illuminated possibilities for humanity that might otherwise have remained unrealized.” (As was observed by Lily Serna, an Australian Mathematician and interviewer for the podcast, “Decoding Genius”.)

Today (20 November, 2020), the WHO (World Health Organization) was showing the USA as #1 worldwide in having cases confirmed as testing positive for COVID-19 — totaling over 11 Million. 

Amidst all the fear and foreboding over this current worldwide pandemic — whilst prolonged bluster and preoccupied bloviating ensues in American politics — it is my privilege to celebrate  even-more-rare genius when it is experienced and expressed with true, non-assuming humility.

Humble Genius (credit @jamie__macpherson from Unsplash)

Humility: A trait of an avid genius with an acute mind, a heart aware of others, and a clear spirit.

Two Americans epitomize this noble trait amidst what may seem to be “superhuman”. One of them was Katherine Johnson — among very few NASA-level mathematicians. As was depicted in the movie, “Hidden Figures”, Katherine was a pioneer — not only for African American women (who were physically and socially segregated and disrespected, if not completely ignored, in the 1950’s) — but also a uniquely vital asset to the nation’s space program itself.

Katherine was the sole mathematician who derived the calculations that put John Glenn safely into orbit; and later, for the first manned spaceflight and moon landing with Alan Shepard. While taking seriously the precise need for accuracy that NASA missions required, she honed her own long-held passion for elements of both art and science in the practice of mathematical thinking.

When an awe-struck interviewer asked Katherine about the wonders of her NASA experience, she simply replied, “When you put bright people in a room and they had something to do, they worked on it until they got it done. I believed that I was where I was supposed to be.”

When she was asked about the many accolades received for her work at NASA — including a building named in her honor at the Langley Research Center — humble genius Katherine spoke  simply: “It was a nice tribute. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. I was just doing my job.”

This month, Katherine Johnson passed away, after 101 years as a brilliant blessing to Mankind. 

The other American I wish to highlight was John Evans, the second territorial governor of Colorado in 1862. David Halaas, of the Colorado Historical Society, has described Evans as “a physically striking man; And his appearance was made all the more remarkable by his penchant for carrying a block of cedar and a knife, always ready to whittle his way through any meeting or street corner chat.”

And my own research reveals a man of many talents, and powerful abilities for achievement: Evan’s involvement in the growth of Colorado encompassed his running of banks, building railroads, investing in business and mining ventures, and founding the University of Denver.

After ordering a survey of Berthoud Pass for a possible railroad route through the mountains, Evans petitioned Congress to commit to build the Union Pacific Railroad through Colorado; lobbied for federal troops to assure its safe passage; and negotiated a treaty with the Utes.

In honor of his services, the Colorado legislature gave Evans’ name to one of the highest peaks on the front range of the Rocky Mountains west of Denver — “Mount Evans”.

Acknowledging these two fellow human beings and their “Superhuman” achievements (in timely detail that fits our current times) makes me acutely aware of how the  powerful trait of Humility greatly helps integrate the unique creative genius we each manifest and express here on Earth.

Let Us Acknowledge & Embrace the Especial Facets of Humble Genius Inherent in Each of Us! 

Take Good Care, Until We Greet Again …
— PenDell 

Month-by-Month, Letter-by-Letter

Wanna play a game with me?

After concentrating on maintaining my physical health and overall wellness (what with the “Healing Journey” that Melanie and I had been experiencing since August of 2016), I was searching for ways to further clarify my mental acuity, memory, and cognizance.

Dare to Dream

After researching various methodologies for “brain training”, I developed a simple word-search game that may well lower one’s “brain age”! If you would enjoy playing this with me, do this:

++ First, print out, in order, a list of the 12 months of the calendar year:

January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December (As you can see, when the 12 months are spelled out, they total 74 letters.)

++ Each letter in each month is also the first letter of a related word. Hence, you will want to place each of the 74 letters in a vertical column — with one letter and a word, per line (row).

For example, each of the 3 letters in the month of “MAY” will host a specific word, like this:
M    Much
A    Awaits
Y    You

Now, print each of the 47 letters. When you have finished your ‘letter list’, you will have a year-long, ready-made template for your word game.

The object of the game is to author a text with each word (in order) beginning with each successive letter in your template. 

Your game’s central goal is to write a text with a coherence of meaningful thoughts.

An example can be suitably displayed like this:
N   Not
O   One
V   Virtue
E   Ever
M   Manifests
B   Before
E   Evidencing
R   Results

The game’s larger goal will be to write a message that inspires an inherent sense of purpose.

Hence, a sample message for a total year would be something like this:

November — Not One Virtue Ever Manifests Before Evidencing Results,
December — Dismissing Evasive Challenges Evinces Misgivings Besetting Everpresent  Resolve …
January: —  Just As No Untamed Anger Riles You,
February:  — Faith Eternal Bequeaths Rich, Unheard-of Abundance Restoring You.
March:  — May Assurance Reveal Characteristic Honor
April:  — And (the) Privilege (of) Rest in Love …
May:  — Much Awaits You!
June:  — Jealousy Usually Negates Every
July:  — Joyously Ubiquitous Luxury Your
August: — Amazingly Unique Gifts Unveil So Thoroughly …
September: — Such Egress Prior to Each Moment Brings Eventual Reversals
October:  — Of Cogent Thoughts or Blessed Emotions Required.
November:  — Nevertheless, Oblige (the) Veritable Explosions (of) Momentous Blessings Ever-present to Restore (You)!

A final welcoming note:
I am pleased to invite you to enjoy playing the game, using your own words. Have fun with it. 

And when you’re done (or even holding a “work still in progress”), I would certainly enjoy sharing in your “story” for my enjoyment and enlightenment! If you would like to play, feel free to comment with it here!

Enjoy! I look forward to yours and my Month-by-Month, Letter-by-Letter missives!

In the Meantime, Warmest of Regards …

The Pathways of Surrender

The Life-Changing Benefits of Letting Go

When I was a 23-year old “workaholic”, I was all set to graduate from music conservatory and perform my final round of that year’s Metropolitan Opera auditions But then, change happened. 

My vocal coach/mentor sat me down and, out of the blue, announced that he had decided to withdraw his recommendation that was required for my Met auditions. When I demanded and finally pleaded for reasons why, his harsh, long-winded delivery of a reason boiled down to this:

“Look,, PenDell — Whereas I am quite certain that you could and would succeed at those auditions (and I know how it is, because I’ve been there myself) — I realize now that you are not equipped with all the right stuff that you would need to succeed as a professional opera singer.”

After 30 seconds, with me nonplussed and staring at him in disbelief, he said, “You, in no way, have the narcissistic makeup or self-centered heart not to be eaten alive by that world. You are far too soft for the sucker punches that will hit you, fast and hard. It’s for you to let that go now.”       

That purging interaction was a catharsis that showed me the life-changing benefits of letting go. 

Surrendered letting go does not acquiesce, then submit to some perceived enemy or opponent. It is an internal experience that releases external “what, how, when, who, and why” elements.  

In the “Big Picture”, cosmic forces are actually in charge of this world of ours, anyway. So, as we surrender, we can easily let go of the obstacles that we were putting in our own way before, when we attempted to take the control out of Divine hands and give it a try on our own. Now we can release all of it — what we perceive to be good or bad, right or wrong, helpful or limiting.

Surrender means that a believer can completely give up his own self-will, and yield thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and the ways of a higher power within. In contrast to submission, true surrender is one’s willing acceptance and openness to the dominant powers of awareness and action in one’s own Self.

What does it mean to “surrender to yourself”? Surrendering to one’s true Self means living the Truth. That includes being positive, courageous, perhaps outrageous — so as to be free, to take risks, and stop putting off becoming who we were meant to be all along.

 An excerpt from the book. “Letting Go”, by David R. Hawkins, bespeaks this “note to Self”: 

“The most obvious and visible effect of letting go of negative feelings is the resumption of emotional and psychological growth and the solving of problems, which have been long standing.”

“There is pleasure and satisfaction as we begin to experience the powerful effects of eliminating the blocks to achievement and satisfaction in life. We soon discover that limiting thoughts and negative beliefs, which we had naively held to be true, were all merely the result of accumulated negative feelings.

“When the feeling is let go, then the thought pattern changes from “I can’t” to ‘I can”, and to “I’m happy to do it.” Entire areas of life can open up. What used to be awkward or unexpressed can become effortless and joyously alive.”

The Life-changing benefits of letting go can (and will, with practice) surmount any difficulties or obstacles, while relieving and relaxing human consciousness in increasing surrender to the creative cycles always at hand. How Utterly Wonderful Life Is …!