Mary, Did You Know …?

A Blessed Revelation

Were you ever faced with life-changing news, “out of the blue”, that bestowed upon you a blessed revelation? Did you ever have occasion, at such times, to hear some “breaking news” that begins with such words as “Do you know?”, “Did you know?”, or “Have you heard about …?”

These days, I can admit that I don’t remember much about my Life experiences. (At times, that kind of “water under the bridge” serves as a blessing!) Yet I DO tend to retain essences of positive remembrances, even some vivid memories– like our family’s gatherings on Christmas Days of old.

O Christmas Tree!

My grandparents (my dad’s parents) would host Mom, Dad and me at their “Estate House” in the upscale Highland Park suburb of Dallas. The year I turned four, I arrived with one present already in hand; because that most desired gift had arrived magically in the night by the hand of never-seen “Santa”!

First thing in the morning, we three would share a big bowl of strawberries in the sun-lit “Breakfast Room” along with “Mammoo” (Grandmother’s accepted nickname, one that was phonated for her by me when I was age 2).

Fruit was our traditional morning fare, amidst anticipations of opening a robust collection of ready gifts set around a majestic, freshly-cut Christmas tree in the spacious Estate House living room.

Meanwhile, a full-course brunch was being prepared in the kitchen by Idella, my grandmother’s cook and housekeeper for many years. On Christmas days, Idella’s husband, “Barnaby”, would be there also — inspecting and grazing (bite by bite) on “the eats” — that is, until my grandfather (ie. “PooPoo”) would likely unearth a sudden need for Barnaby to make an appearance.

Then, when Barnaby would modestly present himself amidst us all, PooPoo would typically engage him by asking, “Barnaby, Do you know?”, “Did you know?”, or “Have you heard of …?”

Barnaby would (knowingly, with a twinkling eye) reply, “No, Sir … “But You Sir, Have You Heard?”
— At which time PooPoo would state, “Why Yes”. And he’d then proceed to deliver whatever witticism he had already prepared in mind.

After that, my devout Christian father lifted up the tone of our morning to one that honors the Nativity which Christmas signifies as an annuarium. Dad recounted the biblical story of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who would hear widespread tales from wandering shepherds who, in their travels, ongoingly shared their direct experience of an Angel proclaiming “Good Tidings of Great Joy!” in adulation of the wondrous miracles that a man named Jesus was providing to the world.

And all of those who heard such fervent witness thereof were amazed at what the shepherds said to them. Yet, Mary quietly “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

In good time, the shepherds journeyed through Bethlehem — all the while, “glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, which was just as the angel had told them.” And while there, they discovered, with deep empathy, that Mary was the birth mother of Jesus. Hence, they were compelled to inquire of her in the spirit of these words (herein below):

Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you delivered has come to deliver you.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy would give sight to a blind man?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy would calm the storm with his hand?
Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the Face of God.
Mary, did you know?

The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again,
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak the praises of the Lamb.

Mary, did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all Creation?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nations?
Mary, did you know that your baby boy is Heaven’s perfect Lamb?
The sleeping child you are holding here is the great I AM.

Mary, did you know?

Here is a sublime vocal rendition of these words (Skip the ads) Click here. 
Credits: Lyrics by Mark Lowry in 1984, Music by: Buddy Greene in 1991,
Modern rendition by pop vocal quintet: Pentatonix


Oneness with the Ocean of Motion

The Infinite Vibratory Spectrum

These days for me are flowing like an “ocean of motion” — a salient metaphor for the quiet, yet all-encompassing setting for Life possible here on Earth. The rhythm of my breathing, the hum of my nervous system, and the wide range of verbal utterances I both hear and give voice to are but a few, close-at-hand reminders of the infinite vibratory spectrum within and surrounding me.

Emanation Creating & Powering Universes

Vibration with a purpose is “Energy”.

I discern and identify specific energies based on my own unique set of senses. Eyes see the energy range of “visible light”; ears hear “audible sound”; the nose and mouth sense odors and savors, while my skin senses heat and the dynamics of change amid my physical motions. Then, scientific instruments and other devices engage energy ranges beyond the discernment of my five senses alone.

Further, the thoughts that I think, the emotions I feel, and the whole of my “consciousness” are  waves of energy. The world of so-called “form” around me is a veritable panoply of vibratory energies that move slowly enough to appear “solid” and inanimate.

Social systems, economies, governments, and countless other forms of human interaction represent the movement of energy among people. Meanwhile, beyond Earth, the moon, the planets, and our Sun, whole galaxies of stars may cue from ancient rhythms and resonances.

All resonances are actuated — actualized, made real — by that Emanation which creates and powers Universes — a Presence of such immense Power that it can and does, as a matter of course, enfold and encompass Mankind on Earth — So deftly and unassumingly well that, to our awareness, It is utterly unknown, invisible — hence “Ineffable” (ie, unspeakable beyond words).

So — In moments when I may wonder as to where does that leave Me, Us, Man-&-Womankind, and other realms of Earth — I can (when I surrender to it) be filled full with the inherent Wonder and Depth of Ease (far beyond “dis-ease”) that consummate Being at Home timelessly imbues.

May Our Peace Be Ongoing, Steadfast, Still, and Complete  …Warmest of Regards to You … PenDell

The Contagious Ease in Human Kindness

I was on my brisk “power walk” around our neighborhood one morning, when I observed a young dad with his little boy out on their front lawn, and a football-sized rock at their feet. As I slowed and strolled by, I heard the dad say, with the vivid excitement that a young child can really discern, “Let’s put bright colors here on this big, gray rock!”

Wide-eyed, his son answered, just as full-throated, “We Can Do It Quick, like Mommy says!” — to which they giggled together with fulfilled glee. (As did I, a transparent trespasser traipsing by!)

As I returned to walking, the sound of the little boy’s pure, innocent words and his father’s warm delight curiously reminded me of a long-ago moment when I met with my mentor to ask him a painful question at a vulnerable time for me: “What can I rightly say or do, if an aggressive person corners me and names me a selfish, self-righteous, egotistic jackass?”

After silently gazing at me, this man — in process of becoming a wise mentor who will guide me in ways of creative action on principle — replied, “Well, I would be compelled to Do Something, ANYthing for SOMEbody Else, and Quickly — the Sooner the Better! I would allow the ‘dis-easy’, insecure pride in Self to relax, be at ease, and open up to new habits of concept, action, and a personal investment that can and will become downright contagious — in You and far beyond.”

When I stared back at him breathlessly (for what felt like eternity), he smiled gently and added, “I have found over the years that when I am kind, humble, and interested in what I can do for others, then I see in others a mirror of my best self. The ease of that awareness brings people together, even if we think at first that we are drastically different from each other. Just try it out.”

That experience was life-changing for me as, over time, I saw myself nurturing a new outlook of my fellow men and women. Nowadays, I find that — regardless of the many distractions and seeming disruptions that life experience might deliver — two simple, basic truths prove out:

++ Most people are fundamentally fair-minded, kind, and generous; and furthermore …

++ Basic human instinct is not dog-eat-dog selfishness, but social cooperation and sharing.

Such is demonstrated in an article titled “Timeless Truths for Trying Times” from the monthly mailing, Hightower Lowdown, on the experimental work of political philosopher John Rawls.

“John Rawls has conducted many sessions of exercises to find out how all sorts of people envision a just society. He asked participants to draw up the ethical underpinnings for an ideal social structure, focusing on principles and strictures that best serve their own interests.

“Rawls put only one restriction on this otherwise free-wheeling exercise: The social engineers were to operate under what he called “The Veil of Ignorance”: None of them would know who they would be in the society they designed. Race, income, sexuality, education, immigration status, disability, age, religion, neighborhood … All would be luck of the draw.

“Over and over, participants from every social status and ideology designed worlds with deep, broad egalitarian structures to ensure that the least well-off, most marginalized person would be treated justly. After all, they themselves might just be that person.”

I, for one, call upon myself to manifest and express this same stance of attitude and outlook to be moment-by-moment attributes that attend my purpose for being on Earth here and now.

And I welcome your agreement with me therein … 
Warmest of Regards, as always PenDell

It’s a Dog’s Life

Some Secrets Humans Should Know …

Our yellow Labrador dog, Sadie, is a four-legged best friend of mine. And, moreover, she is  Melanie’s “Basket Beast” — a faithful, loving protector who has my deep respect for them both.

Sadie the Dog

In our early dog care days, we found a cute little book, titled “50 Secrets Humans Should Know”. Its author, an artist and animal-lover, Jody Wright, interprets what has to be silent “Dog-Speak”!

In its Introduction, she invites us to “Come closer. Listen carefully. The thing about secrets that makes them simply irresistible is that they are hidden treasures just beyond the surface.”

“Today, I am left wondering whether the great secrets in our lives are revealed from the work of great geniuses, or revolutionary rocket scientists, or from the unconditional love from a wagging tail, the lick of a wet tongue, and the constant reassurance of a four-legged friend.” 

Taking cues from the “Secrets” book, I found profundity within its pages. Here, I will share a dozen of the pearls that convey a particular relevance to our Sadie’s doggie world, as follows:  

Secret #1, “Play is Genius!”

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.’ Dogs have always known this somehow. They are GENIUSES BY INSTINCT.”

“Watch your ‘best friend’, and it’s easy to see that, through her eyes, there is a world of friends who want to do nothing more than wiggle, wag, and romp. So, imagine a friendly universe and see how much better the day becomes.’’

Sadie loves the mere far-off sight of another dog. She moves with puppy-like enthusiasm and vigor at closer range, and barks or whimpers if left out on the contrary side of closed doors.  

Secret #2, “Look Deeper”

“See past the outside ‘stuff’ and stare deeply into the parts of each soul to the place that really matters! Often, ‘looking deeper’ finds that ever-flowing well of irrepressible, renewable LOVE.’’

Sadie can and will stare two holes in the back of my head (particularly when awaiting foodtime)! Seriously, and more to the point, Sadie has an inherently deep look of longing to be another pooch’s companion, or in a pack with more, while gazing with content knowing that we are ok. 

Secret #3, “Be All Ears”

“There’s a fine art to Listening — Don’t let it be a lost art.”

Sadie, like many dogs, has acute hearing through her heart realm as well as her ears. And there are often times when she senses with surety that indeed we know, love, and protect her.   

Secret #4, “When Pugnacious, Be Gracious”

“At times, life calls us to be aggressive. We are pugnacious. However, being gracious is a THOUGHTFUL COUNTERBALANCE.”

Sadie likes to be the pack leader, especially with younger dogs, where she has a matronly aire. Her low, gravelly growl dictates when needs call for food, more space, or Melanie’s attention.

Secret #5, “Be Intense”

“Being intense is not a bad thing, BE INTENSELY HAPPY … or Interesting … or Funny … Step away from the lukewarm, and Experience Passion.”

Sadie brings a razor-like intensity when in backyard pursuit of squirrels and/or birds, while she is totally unconscious of being a tad too slow-moving to ably “seal the deal” when it comes to the matters of “catch as catch can.” 

Secret #6, “Savor Sweet Dreams”

“If you DARE TO, then DREAM. It isn’t always safe to go where you haven’t been before. Sometimes there are nightmares. Yet there are also sweet ecstasies with moments of hyper-awareness and insight into worlds found nowhere else but in the back of one’s eyelids!”

Sadie’s dream state, in our observation, involves quite daring dreams, what with grunting, rapid eye movements, sleep-sprinting, and snorts blowing. No nightmares are evident; Yet, there can be little doubt that vivid, movie-like visions are rolling in the back of those eyelids of hers!    

Secret #7, “Be True Blue”

“Being ‘true blue’ is something that should be HIGHLY rated. It means that you can be counted on when other colors fade.”

Sky-blue in Sadie’s highly rated case, come what may in the other fadings away…

Secret #8, “Be Irresistible”

“You know you are! It’s OK to explore being IRRESISTIBLE on occasion. It invites people in.”

Witness our seated dinner on a restaurant’s public patio, and you will behold Sadie and almost every other diner and passerby engaging each other, as if they are friends of olde, reuniting!  

Secret #9, “Indulge in Naps”

“Humans should come with a ‘reset’ button. But since they don’t, it’s ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA to do it manually. Indulge in a nap. It’s amazing what it can do for one’s perspective.”

Regarding this case with Sadie — we now redirect you back to Secret #6 …

We’ll wait for you here … Take your time … No rush …!

Secret #10, “Treasure Your Friends”

“Friends are what you need most on your journey. Greet them with the joy they deserve and treasure them with KIND ACTIONS.”

We are on a journey indeed. And Sadie, as a matter of course, greets us at the door on our returns. Sadie is quite a “lover-dog”, and she deserves our treasuring of her.  

Secret  #11, “Hang Out”

“Do absolutely nothing, JUST HANG OUT. A small, still voice is audible only when we are able to be silent enough to hear it.” 

Times when Melanie, Sadie, and I are all home at once — now 3 empty-nesters in residence in ourselves, and hanging out in moments of doing nothing much in form — Sadie’s open, innocent gaze up at us reflects the essences of ‘Man’s Best Friend’ that I aim to always be in myself. 

Secret #12, “Get to the Heart & Soul”

”Humans are often like the layers of an onion. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Simply get to the heart and soul. FORGET THE LAYERS. Show those you love how much you care!”

Sadie — our loving, bark-y, furry, four-legged, waggy-tailed dog — is the Canine Embodiment of Loyalty, Faithfulness, Durability of Soul, and again, the Epitome of “Man’s Best Friend” — One who Shows, Without End, How Much a Dog Cares ….

Thank You Muchly, our Sadie, for You Being You for Us