Emanation-Actuated Resonance

A Sanguine Setting for Being

There are currently tumultuous days in America — what with 4% of the world’s population in the USA now facing 20% of the global pandemic load — while governance is disenfranchising itself.   

In pensive times like these — when individual, hence collective, sadness and fear may well fester grief and anger — there is a sanguine “Spirit on High” heralding a cardinal Truth for all Mankind: 

“YOU are each a Divine Being with a unique, perfectly suited consciousness that you yourself requested and received at the moment of your own sacred incarnation into the realms of Earth.”

“That gift of your Divine Nature remains absolutely impervious at the core of your soul. And Now is when you can be assured of the true purpose and safe directions where your Journey goes.”

My own responsibility for living on Earth is based in my awareness and resultant attention to the invisible emanations that imbue my visible creative fields of manifestation and expression.

In this phase of my life, I am finely attuned to Currents that move me, speak to and through me, inform me, and care for me. As these Currents shape my expression in this world, I feel the emanation and the resonance which is me. It is Emanation-Actuated Resonance (E.A.R.). 

As the Currents come to me, I discern pristine sonic elements from the invisible Source of Life Energy that emanates fully in all of Creation — including our reality of tangible forms on Earth.

In a previous phase of my life, I studied music and sound in depth. A key element of the study was ear training that helped me precisely fine-tune to the accurate pitch, melody, harmonies, and timbres of a wide range of varied sounds.

I currently find that this honed skill from my earlier development of years ago now serves to assist my renewed ability to attune with different, yet kindred ranges of vibratory Current. Albeit these present currents are not “sonic” per se, they are “currents of the Heart” that fluidly blend with me in my current E.A.R. experience.

Blessings are poured into and through me in this process. The flow of Current through me generates a “sacred” (silently fertile) creative field for currents of Emanation that Actuate amidst the peaceful, still Resonance of a sanguine setting for Being.

This is my sacred wish today: Peace Be Unto Us, Each & All …

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  1. Pendell…so beautifully put.I do not have your musical training but I too hear the emanations and they say “stay steady; you were made for these times.” Very reassuring, I must say!

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