Healing Journey

As some of you know, I have worked for many years with Energy Healing. Energy healing is a general term for holistic practices, some of them ancient, that activate the body’s subtle energy fields to remove insufficiencies in a person’s innate ability to heal oneself. 

Recently, when I attended each of the three on-line “Zoom” gatherings of which I am a member, there was a common theme that, with every story told, showed itself to be universal. I call it the “Healing Journey”

Healing Energy 
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If you will indulge me — Here follows a retrospective view of a healing journey upon which I and my wife Melanie embarked, and which I journaled for review. Here is a portion of the first chapter:

The initial two months of my own Healing Journey (which began with a rapid ride to the local hospital’s emergency room on August 19, 2016) found me with steadily diminishing energy, draining cognizance, in a nine-week marathon amid a mantle of semi-conscious mindlessness.

A long, constant sleep was prompted by enough of a disconnect between my central and peripheral nervous systems that it brought a temporary pause in several of my bodily functions. Albeit my “Higher Mind” in control of my autonomic and endocrine systems was still intact and mercifully available to the currents emanating from the source of Life Energy.

Nevertheless, further mysterious downturns in the overall wellness of my physical capacities led our doctors to surgically perform a brain biopsy in search of the cause of any sorts of unfamiliar autoimmune maladies.

Their conventional tests were varied and elaborate. Yet, in the end, they led to the treatment of symptoms only – helpful as far as it could go, yet nothing that yielded a conclusive determination as to what the real cause was.

That health-focused adventure culminated with me and Melanie (my angel-incarnate wife and suddenly made caregiver responsible) facing what I call a “near-Ascension (i.e. a ‘near-death’) experience”.

Although sufficiently intense to require full, rapt attention, that particular crisis nevertheless afforded me essential psychic space for sublime glimpses of the non-physical realm (some would call it “Heaven”)– a cosmic perspective that made for an unimpeded witnessing of my own page in the “Book of Life”.

Moreover, it bestowed on me a renewed commission: To forge a fresh soul agreement with Currents of Spirit (ineffable currents that I will translate in words, as best I can at present) in vital service to Mankind. The core question of intent then, from the higher consciousness present with me, was this:

“Does your soul choose to hold steady for now in your Life Substance of Ascension amid this ‘third density’ of the ‘Here and Now’ (governed by the time and space of the earthly realms)? Or choose Ye for its release to ascend from here-now, for to abide in wait for the New Day?”

My answer was simply this: ‘I still have unfinished work to do on Earth. Hence, according to the pledge expressed in the ‘Shaman’s Prayer’, I choose to shelter my Soul in place on Earth now, while I hold safe my Ascension in You amidst the heavenly aspects of Earth, for the sake of others in Human Being. All for (the) One, and One for (the) All”.

Then, in the moment I had spoken that answer, the ceremonial proceedings of Soul Agreement with Spirit ensued, as a celestial chorus in Oneness resounded.

And it was then that I saw my Melanie’s face trained on me at close physical range and with earnest intent, helping me return from Inner Realms to Earth’s here & now. Quite a unique warmest of reunions for two lovingly kindred Souls.

I give deep thanks for every moment granted as this Healing Journey continues.

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  1. How exquisite your description, PenDell! And magnificent. The ineffable made flesh via heavenly language. Muchas gracias, mi amigo.

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