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Wanna play a game with me?

After concentrating on maintaining my physical health and overall wellness (what with the “Healing Journey” that Melanie and I had been experiencing since August of 2016), I was searching for ways to further clarify my mental acuity, memory, and cognizance.

Dare to Dream

After researching various methodologies for “brain training”, I developed a simple word-search game that may well lower one’s “brain age”! If you would enjoy playing this with me, do this:

++ First, print out, in order, a list of the 12 months of the calendar year:

January  February  March  April  May  June  July  August  September  October  November  December (As you can see, when the 12 months are spelled out, they total 74 letters.)

++ Each letter in each month is also the first letter of a related word. Hence, you will want to place each of the 74 letters in a vertical column — with one letter and a word, per line (row).

For example, each of the 3 letters in the month of “MAY” will host a specific word, like this:
M    Much
A    Awaits
Y    You

Now, print each of the 47 letters. When you have finished your ‘letter list’, you will have a year-long, ready-made template for your word game.

The object of the game is to author a text with each word (in order) beginning with each successive letter in your template. 

Your game’s central goal is to write a text with a coherence of meaningful thoughts.

An example can be suitably displayed like this:
N   Not
O   One
V   Virtue
E   Ever
M   Manifests
B   Before
E   Evidencing
R   Results

The game’s larger goal will be to write a message that inspires an inherent sense of purpose.

Hence, a sample message for a total year would be something like this:

November — Not One Virtue Ever Manifests Before Evidencing Results,
December — Dismissing Evasive Challenges Evinces Misgivings Besetting Everpresent  Resolve …
January: —  Just As No Untamed Anger Riles You,
February:  — Faith Eternal Bequeaths Rich, Unheard-of Abundance Restoring You.
March:  — May Assurance Reveal Characteristic Honor
April:  — And (the) Privilege (of) Rest in Love …
May:  — Much Awaits You!
June:  — Jealousy Usually Negates Every
July:  — Joyously Ubiquitous Luxury Your
August: — Amazingly Unique Gifts Unveil So Thoroughly …
September: — Such Egress Prior to Each Moment Brings Eventual Reversals
October:  — Of Cogent Thoughts or Blessed Emotions Required.
November:  — Nevertheless, Oblige (the) Veritable Explosions (of) Momentous Blessings Ever-present to Restore (You)!

A final welcoming note:
I am pleased to invite you to enjoy playing the game, using your own words. Have fun with it. 

And when you’re done (or even holding a “work still in progress”), I would certainly enjoy sharing in your “story” for my enjoyment and enlightenment! If you would like to play, feel free to comment with it here!

Enjoy! I look forward to yours and my Month-by-Month, Letter-by-Letter missives!

In the Meantime, Warmest of Regards …

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  1. Sojourning in
    Earth suit
    Penetrating boundaries
    To find the path
    Every day new horizons
    Meeting me as I rise
    Beaming through me
    Each moment until
    Rebirth beyond form

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