Oneness with the Ocean of Motion

The Infinite Vibratory Spectrum

These days for me are flowing like an “ocean of motion” — a salient metaphor for the quiet, yet all-encompassing setting for Life possible here on Earth. The rhythm of my breathing, the hum of my nervous system, and the wide range of verbal utterances I both hear and give voice to are but a few, close-at-hand reminders of the infinite vibratory spectrum within and surrounding me.

Emanation Creating & Powering Universes

Vibration with a purpose is “Energy”.

I discern and identify specific energies based on my own unique set of senses. Eyes see the energy range of “visible light”; ears hear “audible sound”; the nose and mouth sense odors and savors, while my skin senses heat and the dynamics of change amid my physical motions. Then, scientific instruments and other devices engage energy ranges beyond the discernment of my five senses alone.

Further, the thoughts that I think, the emotions I feel, and the whole of my “consciousness” are  waves of energy. The world of so-called “form” around me is a veritable panoply of vibratory energies that move slowly enough to appear “solid” and inanimate.

Social systems, economies, governments, and countless other forms of human interaction represent the movement of energy among people. Meanwhile, beyond Earth, the moon, the planets, and our Sun, whole galaxies of stars may cue from ancient rhythms and resonances.

All resonances are actuated — actualized, made real — by that Emanation which creates and powers Universes — a Presence of such immense Power that it can and does, as a matter of course, enfold and encompass Mankind on Earth — So deftly and unassumingly well that, to our awareness, It is utterly unknown, invisible — hence “Ineffable” (ie, unspeakable beyond words).

So — In moments when I may wonder as to where does that leave Me, Us, Man-&-Womankind, and other realms of Earth — I can (when I surrender to it) be filled full with the inherent Wonder and Depth of Ease (far beyond “dis-ease”) that consummate Being at Home timelessly imbues.

May Our Peace Be Ongoing, Steadfast, Still, and Complete  …Warmest of Regards to You … PenDell

6 thoughts on “Oneness with the Ocean of Motion”

  1. I am on a similar “bend” in the path it seems, my friend. And it is a thoroughly enjoyable, and rewarding one. I don’t remember ever feeling as peaceful, and sensitive to my own/cosmic currents … and see their reflection in all things. It feels like we are receiving a spiritual system software update of sorts. Ain’t it great? 🙂

    1. PenDell…I resonate with your sensing of the vibratory patterns all around and through us….I surrender to all of it and give greatest thanks for being alive in these intense times.

  2. For months I have been focused on seeing the life/people/events around me and the life/people/events within me as something quite similar to a murmuration, the visually grand swirling of starlings in the heavens above, or an ocean of motion as you have put it. There is no separation. We are one. We are one universe, one world, one entity, one mind, one heart. And I am in the midst of that flow, in sync with the whole, grateful to participate, thankful to understand some small portion of the magic and wonder unfolding around me, and glad to be here with you.

    1. I am glad as well, Tom, and I so appreciate your presence and contribution of mature expression to the gathering field that is forming here. Plus, I thrill at your overflowing joy! Thank You Muchly …

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