Say What You Need to Say

To Love and to Be Loved

When singer-songwriter John Mayer performs “Say What You Need to Say”, reviewers note that most listeners have its title emblazoned in their memories. And why wouldn’t it be? That lyric line repeats itself no less than 32 times in total.

John Mayer

Meanwhile, supporting lyrics interspersed throughout the score impart profound messages that address longings in the human heart — with a central root being “To Love and to Be Loved”.

Hence, while yielding one’s open mind and feeling realm to these assertively instructive verses, one’s needs, desires, and ambitions may well be enriched by the timely insights voiced therein. And they are further amplified when actuated via resonant practices, like these (herein below).  

“Take out of your wasted honor every little past frustration.”

Meditate deeply by surrounding yourself in silence. Then, relax into a serene headspace that is focused solely on your long, rhythmic breathing in & breathing out; breathing in & breathing out.

“Take all your ‘problems’: Better put them in quotations.”

Journaling is an act of expressing one’s deepest thoughts and feelings by writing words that reflect true and abiding currents. And Journaling helps one clarify ingrained habits of belief and concept, and bring release, and thus relief, from latent patterns of emotion.

Consistent journaling calls upon one to slow down and give thoughtful attention to present-day facets of Life here on Earth. And “Your Earth’s” unique realm manifests from your individual responsibilities, opportunities, and resultant circumstances.

“Walkin’ like a one-man army, fightin’ with the shadows in your head,
Say what you need to say.”

Affirmations aid in transforming random mental drifting into Self-governed thought. In addition, unchecked emotions — like, for example, fuming anger from grief over the loss of loved ones — can be soothed with affirmations that are rhythmically sustained by measured out-breaths of grateful joy for living Life in Its fullness.

“Givin’ up the same old moments, knowing you’ll be better off instead,
Say What You Need to Say.”

Visualization frames vivid, present-moment experiences — not just sight, but sound, taste, smell & touch — connecting one’s senses of vibratory essences to practical manifestations in form.”

“Have no fear for giving — No fear of giving in, or giving over …”

This integrated text involves different meanings — each one, pivotal to true Being.

  1. Have no reticence over giving and receiving forgiveness of your Self;
  2. Release yourself from restraints as regards the robust abundance of Generosity;
  3. Express your true Self, without concern for results or the views of others.

It could even suggest fearlessly surrendering a perceived need to control the uncontrollable.

Physical Exercise, I find, is a fertile field for giving oneself a unique gift of Plenitude — a quiet, unassuming, yet actionable wellspring that satisfies all of the aspirations listed above. 

One’s physical body, when kept healthy, is a “willing servant”, so to speak. Having no capacity of its own for judgment or reservation, it unerringly serves whatever one’s heart and mind require.

An example of this from my experience involves the physical exercise regimen that I created (four years ago now) to sustain my Life force while facing quite an intense health challenge. 

Even decades before that, I was barely able to manage 20 pushups in a row. Well, that was then. And This is the Here and Now! — Wherein …

20 challenging pushups for me back then expanded, over time, to 420 easy pushups now.

Seven days a week (for three 20-minute sessions), I reel off those 420 push-ups during daylight hours — 140 (20×7) pushups in each of 3 sessions (early morning, noontime, & late afternoon).

The sets of pushups are timed to the second with a stopwatch, and integrated with various other exercises (ie. planks, handstands, leg lifts, and assorted aerobic and anaerobic routines).

In rhythm with consistent daily meditation, disciplined diet, plenty of sound sleep, informed, Self-governed thought, and a blessed surround of loving family and kind friends, my physical body gives itself fully in response to the Wholeness in Life Currents with which it resonates.

 In the end, it’s better to say too much
than to never say what You need to say.”
(Remember that “personal Journaling” is a “contained” (safely private) way to say too much!)
“Even if your hands are shakin’
And your faith is broken
Even as eyes are closin’
Do it with a Heart Wide Open

Where you can
Say What You Need to Say

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