Living a Week of Thanksgiving

The Spirit of Harvest is present all the time

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day (November 26, 2020) — A day which we celebrated this year amidst a week of life-changing dynamics worldwide. Amidst it all, I, for one, feel blessed with a palpable sense of Thankfulness that is freely mine for the having and sharing, come what may!

Autumn Leaves (Photo cred: Jakob Owens on Unsplash)

While we celebrate a harvest season once yearly, the Spirit of Harvest is present all the time.

This week (like the calendar routinely tells us) started on Sunday, when my morning activities included two back-to-back hours where unique, hour-long group meditations were scheduled.

Albeit each of those sessions began with an unscheduled, withdrawn silence, then different participants began to, openly and vulnerably, express their being unsettled, worried, yet keenly supportive of their own children (some grown up), as well as others who now face uncontrollable challenges mounting in their own life, or that of someone else close and dear to them. 

One broke into fragile tears epitomizing acute burdens now besetting the “Heart of Mankind”.

In the wee hours of the morning, I awoke — suddenly startled by an indelible impression that I was not alone. I laid there in bed, not moving a muscle, with rapt attention to the Unknown that I sensed close by. My home’s surround was utterly silent, yet it was not at all like the “withdrawn” silence of yesterday, nor did it feel “unscheduled”. It was right on time in every meaningful way!

And within the capacities of my Soul — every cell in my body; my mind brimming with a vivid awareness, and my emotions breathing in pure Peace — I asked cogent questions of Myself:

“What do I have right now that I can give? To whom? When and HOW best should I give It?”

The answer began to emanate in the form of a kind of vibratory current — one which began with an inherent iridescence glowing in the otherwise total darkness of my nighttime room.

If I were to translate that current into the forms of language we use to communicate through our five senses in this earthly realm of time and space, I would hear it saying, “You will know what to do in new ways, in three days’ time …!”

Well, I envisioned three days moving apace, providing me with step-by-step keys to progress:

At my Tuesday morning “Toastmasters” meeting (where we members practice our leadership and public-speaking skills), I facilitated the proceedings, with the “Theme of the Day” being “Self-Governance” (ie. “Function of oneself or a group free from any external intervention.”)

There, I heard myself say, “Self-Governance is, by no means, selfish or self-satisfied — nor is it encumbered by self-denial. On the contrary, it is others-oriented, humble and kind. It is satisfied with the rich and robust experience of doing one’s very best in each and every present moment. And it is fully cognizant of being solely responsible for its every thought, word, and deed.”

(Incidentally, our Toastmasters meeting ended up being an enriching hour!)

This was a day when I saw, with consummate clarity, how very personal this Truth can be in expression. It states:

“I am here on Earth to radiate a “worldview” that enfolds, uplifts, and ultimately releases the widespread fear and the heaviness of Heart that currently afflicts human consciousness.”

“What can I give of myself that will allow that which is possible to come forth?” Good question. The perfectly freeing answer would be to:

Give the Easiest, the Simplest, Most Humble & Kind, Naturally Inherent and Immediate Gift that One Can Ever Give of Oneself: A Consistent Abundance of Thankfulness —

And feel free to call such a noble act of courage by its most well-known name, “Thanks-Giving”.

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect “Harvest Day” for Giving Thanks — with the intended goal to express Thankfulness for Everything, Everywhere, Every Time, and in Every Way Possible!

Together, Let’s Enjoy Giving Thanks to the Fullest, Here & Now …
Happy Thanksgiving!PenDell

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  1. Well said brother. Your “unscheduled” visitation on Monday speaks of the Presence your heart is open to and therefore given, which you in turn have given out to the world through this medium. Blessed be the pure in heart for they shall know the presence of the Divine.

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