It’s a Dog’s Life

Some Secrets Humans Should Know …

Our yellow Labrador dog, Sadie, is a four-legged best friend of mine. And, moreover, she is  Melanie’s “Basket Beast” — a faithful, loving protector who has my deep respect for them both.

Sadie the Dog

In our early dog care days, we found a cute little book, titled “50 Secrets Humans Should Know”. Its author, an artist and animal-lover, Jody Wright, interprets what has to be silent “Dog-Speak”!

In its Introduction, she invites us to “Come closer. Listen carefully. The thing about secrets that makes them simply irresistible is that they are hidden treasures just beyond the surface.”

“Today, I am left wondering whether the great secrets in our lives are revealed from the work of great geniuses, or revolutionary rocket scientists, or from the unconditional love from a wagging tail, the lick of a wet tongue, and the constant reassurance of a four-legged friend.” 

Taking cues from the “Secrets” book, I found profundity within its pages. Here, I will share a dozen of the pearls that convey a particular relevance to our Sadie’s doggie world, as follows:  

Secret #1, “Play is Genius!”

“Albert Einstein once said, ‘Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.’ Dogs have always known this somehow. They are GENIUSES BY INSTINCT.”

“Watch your ‘best friend’, and it’s easy to see that, through her eyes, there is a world of friends who want to do nothing more than wiggle, wag, and romp. So, imagine a friendly universe and see how much better the day becomes.’’

Sadie loves the mere far-off sight of another dog. She moves with puppy-like enthusiasm and vigor at closer range, and barks or whimpers if left out on the contrary side of closed doors.  

Secret #2, “Look Deeper”

“See past the outside ‘stuff’ and stare deeply into the parts of each soul to the place that really matters! Often, ‘looking deeper’ finds that ever-flowing well of irrepressible, renewable LOVE.’’

Sadie can and will stare two holes in the back of my head (particularly when awaiting foodtime)! Seriously, and more to the point, Sadie has an inherently deep look of longing to be another pooch’s companion, or in a pack with more, while gazing with content knowing that we are ok. 

Secret #3, “Be All Ears”

“There’s a fine art to Listening — Don’t let it be a lost art.”

Sadie, like many dogs, has acute hearing through her heart realm as well as her ears. And there are often times when she senses with surety that indeed we know, love, and protect her.   

Secret #4, “When Pugnacious, Be Gracious”

“At times, life calls us to be aggressive. We are pugnacious. However, being gracious is a THOUGHTFUL COUNTERBALANCE.”

Sadie likes to be the pack leader, especially with younger dogs, where she has a matronly aire. Her low, gravelly growl dictates when needs call for food, more space, or Melanie’s attention.

Secret #5, “Be Intense”

“Being intense is not a bad thing, BE INTENSELY HAPPY … or Interesting … or Funny … Step away from the lukewarm, and Experience Passion.”

Sadie brings a razor-like intensity when in backyard pursuit of squirrels and/or birds, while she is totally unconscious of being a tad too slow-moving to ably “seal the deal” when it comes to the matters of “catch as catch can.” 

Secret #6, “Savor Sweet Dreams”

“If you DARE TO, then DREAM. It isn’t always safe to go where you haven’t been before. Sometimes there are nightmares. Yet there are also sweet ecstasies with moments of hyper-awareness and insight into worlds found nowhere else but in the back of one’s eyelids!”

Sadie’s dream state, in our observation, involves quite daring dreams, what with grunting, rapid eye movements, sleep-sprinting, and snorts blowing. No nightmares are evident; Yet, there can be little doubt that vivid, movie-like visions are rolling in the back of those eyelids of hers!    

Secret #7, “Be True Blue”

“Being ‘true blue’ is something that should be HIGHLY rated. It means that you can be counted on when other colors fade.”

Sky-blue in Sadie’s highly rated case, come what may in the other fadings away…

Secret #8, “Be Irresistible”

“You know you are! It’s OK to explore being IRRESISTIBLE on occasion. It invites people in.”

Witness our seated dinner on a restaurant’s public patio, and you will behold Sadie and almost every other diner and passerby engaging each other, as if they are friends of olde, reuniting!  

Secret #9, “Indulge in Naps”

“Humans should come with a ‘reset’ button. But since they don’t, it’s ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA to do it manually. Indulge in a nap. It’s amazing what it can do for one’s perspective.”

Regarding this case with Sadie — we now redirect you back to Secret #6 …

We’ll wait for you here … Take your time … No rush …!

Secret #10, “Treasure Your Friends”

“Friends are what you need most on your journey. Greet them with the joy they deserve and treasure them with KIND ACTIONS.”

We are on a journey indeed. And Sadie, as a matter of course, greets us at the door on our returns. Sadie is quite a “lover-dog”, and she deserves our treasuring of her.  

Secret  #11, “Hang Out”

“Do absolutely nothing, JUST HANG OUT. A small, still voice is audible only when we are able to be silent enough to hear it.” 

Times when Melanie, Sadie, and I are all home at once — now 3 empty-nesters in residence in ourselves, and hanging out in moments of doing nothing much in form — Sadie’s open, innocent gaze up at us reflects the essences of ‘Man’s Best Friend’ that I aim to always be in myself. 

Secret #12, “Get to the Heart & Soul”

”Humans are often like the layers of an onion. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Simply get to the heart and soul. FORGET THE LAYERS. Show those you love how much you care!”

Sadie — our loving, bark-y, furry, four-legged, waggy-tailed dog — is the Canine Embodiment of Loyalty, Faithfulness, Durability of Soul, and again, the Epitome of “Man’s Best Friend” — One who Shows, Without End, How Much a Dog Cares ….

Thank You Muchly, our Sadie, for You Being You for Us

2 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life”

  1. Excellent, PenDell. Thank you. I’ve never had a dog, but I’ve been thinking about getting one for years, just as an experience to open other avenues of love and being loving, another source for filling out and maturing. It will happen fairly soon, I trust. Thanks for penning this wonderful piece.

  2. Let me know when you make the unique leap to dog parenting, Tom. I’d be happy to be a (remote) point of agreement with both you and the pooch … In other words, “I’m ‘there’ for ya”!

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