Abundances of the Heart

May we each bespeak the Tone of Love

My Toastmasters club meets first thing every Tuesday morning, where, in addition to presenting our prepared speeches, we share a group exercise called “Table Topics”.

“Table Topics” addresses a general “topic of the day” by calling upon each of us, in random order, to immediately improvise a specific answer to a unique question. This week’s topic, “Halloween”, was timely. I was asked, “Would you rather hug a witch or a ghost?”  

“I would prefer to hug a witch,” I replied without hesitation. “A witch is a real person I can get ahold of!. She is a good, down to earth, loving person who is a symbol of feminine energies so needed, as well as vital essences to be guided in our world. She’s a good witch; I’m for her!” 


Witches can be good; they can be great! They may well be “Angels-incarnate”, able to intercede for our being human. Plus, they can be silent, and still tell us so much by their very presence.

Forthwith, rich abundances of the Heart compel me to bear witness of the Angel-incarnate manifesting and expressing sublime magic through my beloved partner, Melanie!

Melanie epitomizes a patient, humble and kind being who trusts, honors, and protects me, our family, and many others in her world. Her gracious presence is a constant Godsend in my life.

With her, I am privileged to have the blessed honor of loving and being loved. Words spoken are often not needed, because the currents of Love are ineffable (ie. unspeakable beyond words).

When we walk our favorite path along the rolling river, flowing waters over rocks speak to us. Autumn leaves falling from many tree families there create an enfolding carpet under our feet.

And sunlit mountain vistas in the distance silently remind us of both the mighty power and merciful provisions of Mother Earth, when our aware stewardship respects and protects Her. 

There is an insightful, uplifting Bible passage (in 1 Corinthians 18) that imparts these words: “Love is patient, Love is kind. Love does not envy; it does not boast, nor is it proud. Love does not dishonor others; it is not self-seeking. Love is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, trusts, and perseveres. Love rejoices in the truth. Love never fails.” 

 “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. May we each bespeak the Tone of Love.

12 thoughts on “Abundances of the Heart”

  1. A Very beautiful tribute to your beloved, to the Divine Feminine, to the sacred heart, our capacity to love and receive love. What a new view of the Halloween Witch! I love it! Thank you my friend.

    1. And Thank You muchly, Tony — Plus, it was great to see you yesterday, albeit on-line.
      These days, we practice respecting close friends by safely protecting them from afar …
      And Onward We Go …

  2. Thank you, PenDell.
    I loved your enthusiastic reply at Toastmasters. Yes !
    White witches bestow untold blessings, and can burn you alive with a look if you threaten the Greater Good or the higher path…or their loved ones!!

    1. Enthusiastically Thankful am I for You, Jude, and for your bestwal of blessings told here & now. And indeed, there will be no threats from me, for one — certainly not to the Greater, Higher, and/or Loved. I promise!

  3. PenDell, your words Are like a beautiful melody (Melanie) in a softly Rippling brook. Please excuse the mixed metaphor. Just seemed right

    See you soon dear friend

  4. Beautiful tribute to the majesty of the feminine within us all. I love that you and Melanie are together. So much blessing flows from you both. I’m always impressed with your incredible nature, brother.

  5. PenDell, thank you for your honoring of the Sacred Feminine in Melanie and in all other women.

    It is time for mankind to release the “black witch” labeling and restore the beautiful, blessed, healing essence of the the true witch (Wicca) of our long-distant past.

    I am so grateful for men like you who so beautifully express your love and honor for the true essence and manifestation of “witch.”


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