Relishing Creative Change

The only thing that never changes is change

We all live with constant change. These intense times present to us a wide range of “new normals” that change in quick order. Even the term, “New Normal” (especially when the word “normal” is used as a noun) may lose its meaning for us at times when changes are moving at untrackable speeds!

Currently, there is a prolonged pandemic worldwide, record-breaking hurricanes and wildfires, political unrest and mistrust — all bringing change to what has gone before. Experience has repeatedly shown me that — whenever we face changes, whatever their nature and magnitude — it is how we greet those changes that is, in all ways, essential. 

The Eternal Present Moment

While change is always moving in this, our time/space continuum, the cause of change has not often been fully discovered, acknowledged, and accepted by us human beings.

I, for one, am in wonder of the phenomenon of change. Change not only makes living in this present moment real for you and me; it is the cardinal essence of Life itself!

The very nature of our existence in this earthly dimension of manifest Being IS Change — The eternal (unending) unfoldment of the present moment (the ongoing “here & now”).

How is this practical for you and me? I will speak to my own awareness and intentions: 

— I treasure and respect my life here on this Garden Earth, with each sunrise granted.

— I do not fear death, having lived through a so-called “near death experience” (Albeit I’m a bit squeamish about long-term pain & suffering; hence, I intend to give that a miss!) 

— My thoughts, words, and deeds have power; thus, they abide my constant discipline.  

—  Everything else I entrust to the Eternal Present Moment’s ineffable manifestations.  With You, it is my privilege to relish the creative Change that never ceases! — PenDell

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