An Everyman’s Esoteric Adventure

An “everyman” (or every-woman) is one of the many people on Mother Earth who think of themselves as ordinary. And an “adventure” is an exciting journey or activity on which “ordinary” people can and will enjoy quite an extraordinary experience.

And the relatively small number of people who have gained specialized knowledge, expertise, and/or interest in “The Esoteric” can also be quite accomplished adventurers themselves …

A visionary adventurer

The word, “Esoteric”, is widely and arbitrarily used by many to identify several diverse fields of inquiry and rarefied pursuits, distant from the lives and concerns of many ordinary people.  

Are such impractical elements far removed from your experience?

If they are not that distant from you (in fact, they might even be “closer than hands and feet”) — Then you may want to ask yourself: Are you, by chance, so self-consciously reticent. or otherwise ill at ease, that you shrink away from identifying or associating with them — let alone practicing in such fields? Well then … 

Please relax, and be fully assured that any of your close-kept secrets are safe here. (And to be clear, this specialized “note to oneself” was once smack dab in my own wheelhouse!)

Another exploratory question to ask is: “When did I last read something that was almost impossible for the mind to grasp? Recently?” (Food for thought, perhaps …)

I have had some intriguing experiences of late. They tend at times to appear at around 3am-ish — when I (like most other locals) am more asleep than awake.

It seems to be a prime time nowadays when I entertain a recurrent set of dreams where I adventure into a foreign land, whilst trying on a new language. At certain times, I recall (with sublime indifference) that newly foreign tongue being my earthly “everyman” vernacular.

All the while, I deeply feel at home with the ineffable vibratory currents which I perceive perfusing my soul like a fine oil. There, I am gratefully aware of a new “Knowing” that is “Me” — beyond any acquired knowledge, academic logic chains, subconscious instincts, or persistent habits of concept.

That inner “home base” of the Soul is mine alone; It is solely for me to tend, keep, and encompass. Self-judgment just does not exist there — where it would have zero time & space to breathe & breed, when it certainly has no need to do so.

Then, when I awaken for “real” — relatively early, amidst another morning’s fresh new dawning (on earth) — I find myself freed from memories that chronologically defuse back in time (starting with yesterday’s work memos scrawled on bits of scrap paper, now destined for the recycle bin).

Now fully cognizant, spiritually awakened, and deeply refreshed, I behold Myself as a humble & inherently kind Everyman on Earth — having been royally treated to an esoteric adventure … 

All in a Creative Day’s Play amidst the Eternal Present Moment … What a Blessing Life Is

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    1. The Big 80! … I’m approaching my Big 70!

      May You, Noble David, Enjoy a Perpetually Active, Long-extended Tenure, my Ten-Year Older Brother in Light!
      Zestfully Yours … — PenDell

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