Mentoring Moods of Mind & Memory

At present, eight months away from my becoming a septuagenarian (a 70-year old), I have seen my name on many a mailing list from which profuse influxes of researched material abound — much of it with nurturing narratives and associated advice imparted to “mature” (i.e. older) men like me.

“What you DO know can SAVE you”

Highly promoted publications from medical experts (such as the “Harvard Heart Letter”, and the Massachusetts General Hospital’s “Mind, Mood & Memory”) point to facts and identify fictions as regards the state of health and habits of wellness (for better or worse) in men 60 and over.

The texts — which address common questions from patients, relatives, and the public — serve as clarifying (and profitable) adjuncts to basic hospital services. A few common questions submitted by “seasoned” men are these: 

— Can controlling my blood pressure improve my memory?
— Why should I ask my doctor to check my blood pressure in both arms?
— For older men, can sex bring on a heart attack?
— What if my heart flutters, flip-flops, or skips a beat?
— Is there such a thing as a broken heart?

In that vain — and in my personal experience as a healthy and generally informed reader — I see such publications earnestly attempting to accurately communicate to men the vital and urgent need to ongoingly establish and sustain their own personal self care, specifically aimed toward maximum health and wellness.

The large-print lead line in the most recent “Harvard Health Letter” proclaims:
FALSE — “What you don’t know can’t hurt you”
TRUE — “What you DO know can SAVE you.”

Then, an elaboration on that salient point states …
“Take ‘silent’ heart attacks, for example: They account for a shocking 45-50% of all heart attacks. They’re called ‘silent’ because their signs and symptoms are commonly brief or minor — typically with very mild chest pain (if any). That’s why those attacks are often ignored or attributed to seemingly routine symptoms like heartburn or muscle pain.

“Fact is, silent heart attacks can create scar tissue in the heart, thus raising the risk of a second, even more dangerous heart attack.”

I see this (potentially lethal) malady as one among a plethora of physical disruptions that millions of people on earth are experiencing at present. And — if a fraction of those (quite a large fraction, I sense) are facing what I have met in times past, it involves far more than physical factors: Moods of mind and memory are also actuated in full. 

Firstly, let’s be clear as to what a “mood” actually is …
A Mood, in the most general sense, is seen as a “temporary state of mind or feeling” — as in “People seem to be in a very good mood today”.
Yet the adjective “moody” often bears a more specific and conditional connotation, as depicts one “given to unpredictable changes of mood, especially sudden bouts of gloominess or sullenness.”

On one hand, with the phrasing “moods of mind and memory”, one attempts to differentiate the mind’s (emotionally charged) assessments of present-moment dynamics now in play, from the memory’s tendency toward fictional reconstructions (hence, inevitable misperceptions) of the already proven past.

Then, on the other hand — in light of unique opportunities destined for each of us — we may indeed elect to live Life anew in each moment, amidst preferences we choose on our own unique terms. Meanwhile, we just might entertain, in childlike wonderment, vivid revelations with intrinsic incentives that move us along apace.

Yet how, when, and with what degree of ease will all of this come about? Perhaps this is prime time when a mentor may well be a Godsend — IF, of course, one’s chosen mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who encourages and supports one to manage one’s own continual learning, in order to maximize one’s own limitless potential, still latent skills, & Life’s “finest wine” yet to be tasted.

In addition, a perceptive mentor can provide a setting where one’s moods help one discern how to best usher a catharsis of repressed emotions into a finely patterned state of inner peace.  

Also, “now” is always prime time for realization — when the highest aspects of our moods are what awaken us to ever present, yet momentarily momentous expressions of Divine Mind that re-sound residual overtones ever divined from the Ancient of Days.

And as such, there abides an accord (well beyond outward habits of thought) in the depths of Soul Knowing, where Reality, Legacy & the Heritage of Ages are wholly respected and safely protected. 

For some time now, I myself have gained, step by step, a privileged awareness of vibratory elements that precede all earthly actions and manifest achievements.

In other words, visible results (present & future) are the precise effects of Invisible Cause (“SourceEnergy”) — Emanations that balance and attune the qualities and quantities of the soul’s real-time experiences of resonance and resistance.

That SourceEnergy is Itself the causal Power that creates Worlds throughout the Universe. Naturally of course, that includes dear Mother Earth — where, in Her Enfoldment, we incarnate ones — each and all — live, move, and have our Being.

And the perfect Mentor, attuned in the Ways of SourceEnergy, inherently Sees and Knows the Wonderment of You & Your World as Whole & in One Accord. 

This is the “Now” when the Mentor Answers Your Call.
And the Divine in You Sees and Knows that
YOU — in Unison with your Mindfulness, Moods, and Memory — Are The Answer

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