Ask and It is Given

Meet Abraham, Esther, and Jerry…

Abraham was a highly significant character in The Old Testament of the Bible. So was Esther — although Esther was a significant character in the time of Moses, not Abraham. (It was Sarah who was significant in the time of Abraham.) And Jerry was not an Old Testament character at all — significant or otherwise!

Actually, Esther and Jerry are highly significant people in this modern day’s Earth. Abraham is also, yet in quite a different way. Now, please meet Esther and Jerry Hicks — two people with amazing stories to tell! 

I want you to know about them (albeit you may well have heard of them already) because certain aspects of my own experience are akin to theirs. (More on my part in this will follow later.) Firstly, though …   

Here’s a statement from Jerry, amidst his search for words to describe a vast range of Knowing. It can be found in his Preface to the book titled Ask and It is Given — co-authored by both Esther and Jerry: 

“Decades ago, when searching for plausible answers to my never-ending quest to know what ‘It’ was all about, I discovered the word ‘Ineffable’ (meaning ‘incapable of being expressed in words’). Ineffable coincided with a conclusion I had formed relative to it.

“I had decided that the closer we get to knowing the ‘Non-Physical,’ the fewer words we have for clearly expressing it. And so, any state of complete knowing would also be a state of ineffability. In other words, at this point in our time-space reality, the Non-Physical cannot be clearly expressed with physical words.

“My wife, Esther, is one of those rare persons who can, at will, relax her conscious mind enough to allow the reception of Non-Physical answers to whatever is asked. At the heart of those insights is the most powerful Law of the Universe — the Law of Attraction.” (More detail on that topic to be presented soon.)

“Our book, Ask and It is Given, offers you a hands-on course in spiritual practicality. It is a how-to book in the broadest sense of the term — that is how to be, do, or have anything that pleases you. This book also teaches you how not to be, do, or have anything that displeases you.”

In the Forward of the book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, best-selling author of The Power of Intention, offers this: 

“I encourage you to read these words carefully and apply them instantly. They summarize an observation I’ve offered for many years now: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

“You are about to see and experience a whole new world changing right before your eyes. This is the world created by SourceEnergy that wants you to reconnect to it and live a life of joyful well-being.”  

For a third time, I (PenDell) am about to treat myself to an in-depth consideration of the 22 Processes that fill out the reality found in Ask and It Is Given”. The process will take me 44 days to complete — One day with reading and absorbing each process, then one following day for practicing each process in turn.

And as I do, I’ll share with you my experience in succinct portions of my ensuing blog posts, amidst all other themes — some still ongoing, and some that may be brand new. Something for all of us is my aim.

Onward We Sojourn Invariably … With You …
— PenDell 

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  1. Pendell…I am very familiar with the LAW OF ATTRACTION and Jerry and Esther Hicks…so I will be VERY interested in what your “experiment” reveals!

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