Truths You Now Remember

In last week’s blog post, I shared with you my intent to work for 44 days with 22 proven processes that actualize a one-of-a-kind textbook of sorts, “Ask and It Is Given”. This is my third time practicing with the complete set of processes; And as I proceed anew, I may say more about my own uniquely evolving experience.

Albeit now, I would offer to you a first-time option: Simply scan the book’s chapters; then (when unhurried) pick out those processes that call to you.

Source Energy 

In the book’s ‘Forward’, best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer asserts:

“At this moment, it contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. 

“The teachings of Abraham, essentially, are focused on helping you to return, in all respects, to that Source from which all things originate and all return to, as well. You’re in direct, conscious contact with a cadre of honest, no-nonsense beings who have only your well-being in mind.

“The message here is quite startling, and yet oh-so-simple. I encourage you to read these words carefully and apply them instantly.”   

Then Esther, with (now-nonphysical) Jerry, have lots to say – with rich stories from “both sides now”. Moreover, a multitude of heavenly hosts known as Abraham, expressing to us in one voice channeled through Esther Hicks, makes us aware of that which we knew before time began, yet was forgotten until now. 

There are several essential principles to be elaborated upon. However, the first, “Truths You Now Remember”, is offered to us from Abraham here: 

“You have been reminded of many things that you have always known.

“You now remember that you are an extension of SourceEnergy, and that you have come into your physical body, into this leading edge time-space reality, for the purpose of joyously taking thought beyond that which has been before.

“You now remember that you have a guidance system within you that helps you to know, in every moment, how much of your connection to that which is your Source you are allowing right now.

“You now remember that the better you feel, the more you are in alignment with who you really are; and the worse you feel, the more you are disallowing that important connection.

“You now remember that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have. If your dominant intention is to feel good and you make the best of where you are, you will reach your natural state of joy.

“You now remember that you are free (in fact, you are so free that you could choose bondage), and that everything that comes to you is in response to the thoughts you are thinking. Whether you are thinking about your past, present, or future, you are offering a vibration that equals your point of attraction.

“You now remember that the Law of Attraction is always fair, and there is no injustice — for whatever is coming to you is doing so in response to the vibrations that you are offering due to the thoughts you are thinking. 

“You now remember that there is no dark switch; there is no source of ‘evil’, sickness, or lack … Everything that happens to you is all your doing.

“And, most importantly, you now remember that Well-Being is the basis of your world, and that unless you are doing something that is disallowing it, then Well-Being is your experience. You may allow it or resist it, but only a Stream of wellness, abundance, clarity, and all good things that you desire … flows.”

More is to come from Abraham; from various other expressions of Source; And from the deeply flowing Remembrances within our own highest Selves.

The Journaling of Life’s Sojourns Continues Onward and Apace…!

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