Brave Enough

The New Day Blooms …

An outstanding presentation by Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old Youth Poet Laureate, was widely heralded as an inspiration gracing President Joe Biden’s Inauguration ceremony. The culminating verse proclaimed a powerful declaration, as follows:

“When day comes, we step out of the shade, Aflame and unafraid,
The new day blooms as we free it. For there is always light,
If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to Be it.”

Aflame & Unafraid

There have been times in my 69 years when I questioned whether I was brave enough. 

As some of you know — almost 4-1/2 years ago now, I contracted a rare, chronic autoimmune disease that belabored me for several delirious weeks, followed by another prolonged period of time when I was, in no way, cognizant of the everyday life I had been blessed to live before. 

One day (out of the blue), I became newly aware of the Spirit-guided nature of my true Being. It felt as if my obedient, yet stressed body and soul were being nurtured by serene slumbers — While being intrinsically held, actuated, and sustained from above and beyond the dimensions and dynamics of time, space, and any human sense of separation, one from another.

Surrounded by that sublime stillness and deep peace, I could steward an innate knowing that supplants intellectual knowledge, and ease that makes light of “dis-ease” (the absence of ease). 

The essence of Spirit thereof was an apt depiction of Amanda Gorman’s poetic statement: “There is always Light — If we are brave enough to see It, If we are brave enough to Be It”.

Nowadays, here “at home” — Working with the weekly blog these last five months — I have come to know that we have only just begun to “light up” All that can be manifested and expressed!

Parenthetically, I realize that, heretofore, I have been reluctant to present a range of esoteric elements which may well be truly “ineffable” (ie, indescribable beyond words) — All the while, I desired not to come off as sounding theoretical, impractical, or abstractly belief-ridden.

Albeit in the end, the true remedy for all such challenges is two-fold: Outward and Upward:

OUTWARD: To Practice an Abiding Simplicity in All Facets of Daily Living and Serving — And …

UPWARD: To Constantly Let Go into the Ever-Present Spirit, where there is a resistance-free Openness that witnesses One’s highest Self continually affirming the Word expressed:

“I AM Spirit — YOUR Spirit —
One with the Eternal Field of Light.
I AM with You and In You, Brave One —
Above & Beyond any material illusions —

We Are One —
As We Have Always Been — As We Now Are —  & As We Will Forever Be
— I in You, and You in Me —
In the Eternal Present Moment of Light Shining
And the Dawn of the New Day Blooming

15 thoughts on “Brave Enough”

  1. Thank you for referencing “One day (out of the blue), I became newly aware of the Spirit-guided nature of my true Being.” I’m not aware of very many who truly discuss this experience which I too have had, although it took me quite a while to recognize it for what it is, to name it, to appreciate it, to cherish it.

    1. Amanda Gorman resanctified words spoken on the world stage. After four years of deceptive, corrupt and destructive untruths spoken by some that had the responsibility to comfort and unify there was and are signs of integrity returning through primary leadership. It took her bravery to open this window of heaven and you have shared this strength through your life’s journey. You are no stranger to opening the flow of heaven on earth on the world stage. Your many years through music and now through your writing you have the maturity to speak the word only. When this occurs that which no longer serves falls away. The body you had has been transformed to a different capacity and will assist you in finishing the work you came to do. This freedom in spiritual maturity is most obvious and some have said it appears around 70 years. I am happy to be share this time with you. “I in thee and Thou in me” is our word of intersession now that the action of truth may flow abundantly and that the time of the thoughts of men’s hearts which have been only evil continually perish from the earth forever. I, with you, look to the ones of the younger generations that call again to order and beauty for this beautiful planet Earth. Blessings. CJ

  2. Thank You, Joseph …
    Your reply to me here is quite ineffable in this moment for me.
    More from me later, but for now, my deep gratitude for you, my brother …

  3. I’m so deeply thankful to read your experience and what has evolved out of a seeming tragedy. I am humbled by the reminder to accept without knowing, to trust that all indeed serves the highest good, as I live one moment at a time. Thank you for the willingness to share the blessed transformation of your life.

  4. PenDell, You are a true inspiration my friend! You have such a beautiful way of saying things. I’m so very glad you found your way to this part of your journey and back to where you are needed at this time. Be well.

  5. Thank You very much, Angala. Indeed, we join and serve with the braver Angels now present on earth, as we joyously live out and love each vital day before us. Onward We Go …

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