My Melanie

I love our love stories

Over four years ago, yet months after the inception of a chronic autoimmune disorder that affected my brain and central nervous system, and then subsequent residence in rehab, Melanie moved me back to our home of many years. By then I had convalesced to a point at which I remembered who I was, but maybe not always instantly recalling where or when I was!

My Melanie and Me

One day, a memory lapse came over me. It was of a sufficient degree that I wandered out into the back yard and inquired of a beautiful lady gardening there as to what that separate little house out back was doing back there. (It was in actuality our long-standing garden shed.) 

In reply, the lady was forward enough to hold both of my hands, then give me a hug. Startled, I took a step back from her, stared, and then I asked, “And so, who are you?”

She gazed into my eyes with a continual grin. Then, after a few seconds her grin turned quizzicle, and she answered, “My name is Melanie.”

 It was then that a light of recognition dawned on me. “MY Melanie?” I asked, with some confusion. “Yes, my Dear Love. You are my Heart.” Her eyes filled with caressing concern.  

Then after, we have made sure we give each other daily mail, notes, greeting cards, or sweet bite chocolates. This last month yielded me a beautiful birthday card, with a note that said this:

To My Husband on Your Birthday

I love our Love Story —
The ups, the downs, the twists and turns –,
The moments that keep us together on this journey …

I love looking back to the day we met,
Remembering all those moments that
Now dwell forever in my heart.

I love knowing that time has made us stronger,
And brought us even closer together …

And when I think about tomorrow, wondering what our Love Story will hold,
I know it’ll be wonderful, because I’ll be sharing It with You.


My Darling and Dearest Love,
I am Blessed beyond Words by
Your Strength, Courage, Joy, Humor, and
Reverence for Life and God

You Are My Heart ..
Your Melanie

9 thoughts on “My Melanie”

  1. PenDell, tears are welling up in my eyes. This is such a beautiful love story, and the power of it is that it is true. Thank you with all my heart and also to your Melanie. Sweet love to you and yours. xo

  2. Thank you for sharing Your Melanie with us. It’s rare for men to share the most tender rooms of the mansion of their hearts. Most are challenged with inviting others into this holiest of place. I hold the tenderness of your heart with reverence. Throughout history Angels have appeared to some in crucial times in their lives. The Angels presence brought Love and assurance declaring that all is well, you are safe. You are blessed, as many others have been and still are to have that Angel with you constantly. Your Melanie. Her eternal work is to quietly yet profoundly be that Angel. We share this treasure with you and surround you both and are comforted in the truth that if we knew who was standing next to us we would never fear and remain in unconditional Love with the great Beloved. Blessed be Thee. CJ

  3. Thank You, each & all – our dear, enfolding friends – for your love which respects and protects us. This is an utterly critical time when the ineffable Heavenly Peace emanating from the Heart of God can and must be pristinely manifest and unabashedly expressed through us aware ones, while we all still remain together here on Earth.

    Thank You for joining us here, amidst the Chorus of the Saints! — PenDell & Melanie

  4. PenDell ~~ How beautiful. I am without words, but filled with Love for you both. Witnessing firsthand the dwelling place you two share, in a heavenly sense as well as in your home was a gift to me. The dance of true and abiding Love, and the gift of that in the world, is profound. Thank you for sharing your two hearts, and such tenderness. Indeed, such beautiful wings of protection and care Your Melanie has!
    It is my honour to know you both. Blessings, Brenda

  5. I love the tender fertile fields of the heart,
    those ever-changing gardens
    in which we greet and welcome those special ones
    whose destinies are entwined with ours.

    What a miracle that we sensed their bright spirits
    and somehow Knew!
    Knew that deep and glorious adventures called us to Let go
    and live them in Love

    Surely Guiding Angels gently lit the Way,
    yet that Discovery was each one’s alone.
    A gateway of mutual understanding
    that even yet
    leads into the glorious unknown
    of the Heavenly Kingdom
    which is our Home.

    Thank you so much for Loving, Being, and Sharing your joy, in making your journey known. <3

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