From Our Children

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”
(Chief Seattle)

Interesting, the insight that this proverb provides —

A humble and kind outlook that includes giving credit to each of the younger of us for their unique and unprecedented contributions to the living of us all here on earth.


These wonderful younger generations will be obliged to grow up now in these modern times of constant change and global complexities, yet amidst a world where they can exude fresh energies that — when maturely guided and nurtured in a surround of upright character– can and will manifest vigor, freshly self-governed thought, and powerful innovations anew!

Well, lo and behold — as the proverb states — I, for one, find myself borrowing from my own (now-grown) children a palpable boost of vim, vigor, and vitality; a deepened sense of Destiny for us all, and an amplified awareness of mission and purpose on Earth.

SO, given that blessed reality in this present day, I am now aware that:    
We DID Inherit the Earth left from our ancestors.
And, as a matter of course, We in turn will return the borrowing of it to our children.
Let Us — For Earth’s Sake
Commit to Return It Far Better than We Were Blessed to Find It.

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