Give a Woman

“If you give a woman …

You may well remember me mentioning my wife, Melanie, in the last entry, ”Home Again”. The following entry today serves as my tribute to her.

In 1954, William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, made this comment: “A woman multiplies and enlarges whatever is given to her. So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of sxxt”!

Author, Carrie West, wrote her own quite similar poem intended to capture the spirit of Mr. Golding’s words, updated for the 21st century. Here follows selected lines from her poem:

Give a Woman

If you give a woman your pain, she will give you compassion,

If you give a woman a voice, she will sing you a song of hope,

If you give a woman an idea, she will build it with a community,

If you give a woman hope, she will give you transcendence,

If you give a woman your story, she will give you trust,

If you give a woman a goal, she will achieve it with grace and joy,

If you give a woman a dream, she will build you a reality,

If you give a woman freedom, she will give you wings,

If you give a woman voice, she will give you the truth.

I was inspired to share this of my personal experience with Melanie:

If you give a woman yourself in assurance, she will give you the truth.

If you live your true longing to love and be loved, she will actuate it with you.

If you share your vision with her, she will share with you in a mutual Life Purpose.

If you give that woman your unfettered love, she will fill your lifetime with joy!

4 thoughts on “Give a Woman”

  1. Thank you pendell! Perfect words to describe the power of the feminine and the beauty of your mate in particular. She is a shining example of real feminine energy and what it is capable of accomplishing and inspiring in men. And you my dearest of friends is such a rare and exquisite example of the power of a man. That his true strength comes from wisdom and gentleness, and honesty. Attributes that can only come when aligned with Truth and Light!

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