Home Again

“Home” again, home Again!

The following narrative is part of my ongoing personal journal, “Healing Journey.” (That particular journaling project is still “in development”, for my wife Melanie and I have been so busy living our “healing journey” that we are still in the process of journaling it! Here is this:

“Beset with a “rare autoimmune disease” (in August of 2016), I faced a so-called a NDE (“near-death experience” — which I prefer to call an “NAE”, Near-Ascension Experience). 

PenDell – 1 year into his Healing Journey (holding letter blocks handcrafted by Will Carpenter)

By way of a vivid meditative dream, I awoke to a powerful, inner “command”: “Release fear;  Embrace perfect, complete Surrender, and Reveal Yourself.” As an utterly sublime sense of surrender brought me into a deep peace, I heard a question asked from ‘Above’:

“Do you wish to continue your journey on earth in your present Soul’s capacities?”

I replied to that fourteen-word query with eight words of my own — words echoed from a deep “somewhere” inside me: “My purpose on Earth is not yet complete.”

Then instantly, the “dream scene” changed. And, in a few quick seconds, I awoke in my hospital bed, peering up at my beautiful Melanie. Our eyes met in an intense re-welcoming. Melanie’s eyes blazed with an earnest intent to help me (as only she could) to do what I chose to do. 

“Home” again, home Again! — with a New Day dawning and a fresh purpose calling …

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