The Ocean of Motion

“We live in an ocean of motion.”

That expansive metaphor may well describe the quiet, yet all-encompassing platform of our lives. The rhythm of our breathing, the hum of our nervous systems, and the range of verbal utterances that we voice or hear are but a few reminders, close at hand, of the infinite spectrum of vibration within us and surrounding us.

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Vibration with a focused purpose is “energy”, and specific ranges of energy are identified by us human beings, based on our own sensing of them. Our eyes see the energy range of “visible light”; our ears hear “audible sound”; and our skin senses heat, cold, and the impacts of motion on our physical bodies.

Tastes and smells are particularized ranges of energy. Scientific instruments and other devices give us an increased view and assessment of ranges of energy beyond our five senses.

Furthermore, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the whole of Consciousness, human and otherwise, are waves of energy. The world of “form” around us is but another spectrum of energy — one that moves slowly enough to appear to us as “solid” and inanimate.

The world’s cultures, social systems, economies, governments, and countless other forms of human interaction represent the movement of energy within and among people. And “out there”, beyond earth, are the moon, planets, the Sun, its Sun, and “the Beyond” — where galaxies appear to follow ancient rhythms and resonances. 

Back here on earth, in the realm of Energy Healing, we may wonder, how does the practice of Attunement with sacred sound uniquely heal, relieve, and uplift human beings (since ancient times), when other known remedies do not?

In answer, we have a glimpse into the Why and How, courtesy of the Law of the Octave.

Named for eight primary pitches in a musical scale — the “white” keys on a piano’s keyboard, for instance (with alphabetic letters “A” to “G”, then up to another higher pitched “A”) — the Law of the Octave recognizes that notes on the musical scale that are eight steps from each other (thus named with the same recurring letter) have a closely kindred nature, heard distinctly when notes in octave (a “perfect 8th”) are sounded. 

An “A” vibrates at 440 Hz (“Hertz”, a measure of frequency), and the “A” an octave higher vibrates at exactly twice the speed (440 x 2= 880 Hz). The next higher “A” likewise vibrates at (again) exactly twice the speed (880 x 2= 1760 Hz); the next higher “A” at 3520 Hz – and then, 7040 Hz — and so on, continuing to Infinity.

Along the way, those associated frequencies surpass the audible range and move into the ranges of AM & FM radio; TV; microwave; infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light; x-ray, etc.

Yet, at every octave, a multiple of the original frequency (in this case, 440 Mz) remains in concord with every other octave of “A” resonating through the infinite frequency spectrum.

This energy spectrum vibrates, not just through higher frequencies, but at an equally infinite range of lower frequencies, from A-440 — down to A-220 ; A-110; A-55, etc., to Infinity below.

At 27.5 Hz, we near the lowest frequencies audible to humans and approach the ranges of Schumann resonances, electromagnetic waves that exist between the earth’s surface and the earth’s ionosphere. Then, when tonal frequencies (like musical sounds) “slow down” enough, they become “rhythms”.

A rhythm that is near and dear to each of us is our own heartbeat — something we just can’t live without — beating at a frequency around 1 Hz (one beat per second). Our bodily processes (and that of many organisms on earth) adhere to daily circadian oscillations, coordinating our capacities with the earth day-night rhythms.

The earth rotates around its axis at a frequency of once per day, revolves around the sun at a frequency of once per year, and responds to the monthly frequencies of the moon’s cycles.

Our sun revolves around Its Sun (as far as we can tell). And the Milky Way itself marches majestically — and for us, quite slowly — through the heavens, true to its own frequency that encompasses millions of years. So, to the best of our present understanding, there are infinitely fast vibrations and infinitely slow ones.

Putting aside, for a moment, the Grand Scale of It All, WHY is all this directly significant to us, and how does it affect our everyday lives? That question’s simple answer surmounts everything:   

The Law of the Octave bespeaks a constant, orderly, powerfully resonating framework that governs and integrates the frequency spectrum of the Cosmos — the infinite Ocean of Motion that is our Universe. That immutable Design, ongoingly measured with the Law of the Octave, inherently transmutes all ascending Life Energy into Being One with SourceEnergy.

And here, our own currents of connectedness with Life Energy — initiating countless resonant processes into manifestation in any given moment, including each breathing Soul’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities — live in evidence of the actual, tangible Attunement that, in truth, we share with the Creator and all of Creation.

What a Wondrously Marvelous Wellspring of Life Energy, Eternal Being IS …

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    1. I am deeply thankful, as well, David —
      What a privileged pleasure it is to be submerged (without downing) in an Ocean of fine Substance! Ah!

  1. Magnificent and masterful groundwork for creation, O Songmaster and Choral Conductor! Thank you.

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