7 Vibrations in Nature

Recently, I participated in an energy healing event named the Attunement Summit. There, fellow musician and attunement practitioner, Dr. Anthony Palombo, held a session, where he asked me to demonstrate aspects of overtone chanting and their health benefits.

As in one of his books, “Attunement with Sacred Sound”, his Summit session shared pivotal revelations about the phenomenal connection we all have to the powerfully grand energies of all Creation. A seeming platitude that states “We are all one; we are one with everything” is, in fact, quite true.  

Tony and I have been close friends and colleagues for over 40 years now. Never has there been a time, in my observation, when Tony has not exhibited a conscious attitude that consistently recognizes an interplay between the intangible and the tangible (heaven and earth, if you will). 

Heaven on Earth (Photo Credit: Lucas Calloch)

Such symbiosis makes possible a deep kinship between people, amidst the universal resonance that entrains throughout all of Creation, with its infinite components.

Tony’s is a noble stance and vision, to be sure; Yet why would that be relevant to us here now? Because, when we become aware of a full spectrum of learning, guidance, and inspiration, we will perceive with the same outlook that Tony has: One filled with awe, wonder, discovery, and a deep sense of privilege to know and work in this precious, delicate, and (dare I say) sacred field.

Tony and I carry an enduring admiration for one another. Here is a written example of, not only of Tony’s generously kind and giving spirit, but also his wise insights on Love, Truth, and Life:

“Scanning my documents in search of a file recently, I came upon something my friend, PenDell Pittman, scribed and sent to me several months ago. As you will see, it echoes and expands — in a most clear and thoughtful way — the creative processes through which the Spirit of Love moves into the body.

“It is mediated and differentiated into seven vibrational frequencies by the seven glands of the endocrine system — in order to touch the physical realm and thus re-create and maintain the “new earth” of our bodies.

“PenDell’s meditations envision the same creative process as what unfolds amidst Creation Itself in the larger cosmic context. The first words of Genesis reflect these divine processes: 

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth; and the earth was without form and void. Darkness was on the face of the deep; And God said: ‘Let There Be Light’ (Genesis 1:1)’

“The Universe unfolded out of the Light, shaped by the Sound of Love’s Word, then differentiated into seven rainbow frequencies composing the Music of the Spheres. 

“In five cosmic days, the world of nature was created as a setting for Man and Woman to live and share the ongoing work of creating the world of beauty we see around us in Nature now. PenDell describes it, step by cosmic step, in this beautiful writing (herein below)” 


Vibration 1:   Lines of Love Force radiate into the unformed. 

Vibration 2:   The unformed is attracted to, and becomes stimulated by, Vibration 1. A Womb for Vibration 1 is established and becomes Vibration 2. In harmony with Vibration 1, Vibration 2 begins to radiate Lines of Force further into the unformed.    

Vibration 3:   The Radiation of the harmonization of Vibration 1 and Vibration 2 create patterns of complexity in the unformed which blossom into Vibration 3, the Life Force.

Vibration 4:   The radiance of Vibration 3 moves out into a wider radius, enticing greater complexity.  Eurythmic relationships emerge between existing complexities.This intermingling sets in motion a new pulsation that adds Assurance and Clarity to the Lines of Love Force.  

Vibration 5:   The Lines of Love Force moving through Vibration 4 bring about an urge for greater specificity. Direction and Purpose are established within the matrix of complexities by the radiation of Sanctification.

Vibration 6:   The radiation of Vibration 5 brings a calming influence to the creative cauldron out of which a focus of Intelligence and Coordination comes into play and begins to apply itself as the Force of Tranquility, flowing gently within a matrix of complexities.

Vibration 7:   The Vibration 6 Lines of Force pour out into an atomic substance, causing it to tremble. Cymatic patterns of design begin to appear in the atomic substance that, in time, find relationships in symbiotic configurations that yet again grow in complexity. Amidst the resultant Vibration 7, Patience, (and Mother Earth), a creative cycle of New Earth is born.

Tony continues, “In this beginning of a New Day, God is incarnate on Earth in a body of heavenly hosts who have found one another and connected along ancient lines of eternal friendship. A new Heaven is already entraining human consciousness for a new Earth — a creative void awaiting its inevitable birth.

“Darkness is once again upon the face of the deep of tomorrow. The Spirit of God again moves on the face of the waters; and Angelic Hosts, incarnate and awake on earth, say with one voice in one accord, “Let There Be Light!

“And there IS Light. And, in the Light of Love, there is peace in the heart, and stillness in the outer mind. 

“And the peace and stillness allow minute details of design and control in Heaven for the New Earth to unfold and reveal themselves — all in the seasons of the Lord, and the rhythms of the Music of the Spheres.”

And we’ve only just begun Day One.  Let Love shine into the darkness without concern for tomorrow.  All is well and well within the hands of God on Earth. 

Patience is the call of the day. Let it all unfold naturally.

The Ocean of Motion

“We live in an ocean of motion.”

That expansive metaphor may well describe the quiet, yet all-encompassing platform of our lives. The rhythm of our breathing, the hum of our nervous systems, and the range of verbal utterances that we voice or hear are but a few reminders, close at hand, of the infinite spectrum of vibration within us and surrounding us.

Photo cred: Silas Baisch on Unsplash

Vibration with a focused purpose is “energy”, and specific ranges of energy are identified by us human beings, based on our own sensing of them. Our eyes see the energy range of “visible light”; our ears hear “audible sound”; and our skin senses heat, cold, and the impacts of motion on our physical bodies.

Tastes and smells are particularized ranges of energy. Scientific instruments and other devices give us an increased view and assessment of ranges of energy beyond our five senses.

Furthermore, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, and the whole of Consciousness, human and otherwise, are waves of energy. The world of “form” around us is but another spectrum of energy — one that moves slowly enough to appear to us as “solid” and inanimate.

The world’s cultures, social systems, economies, governments, and countless other forms of human interaction represent the movement of energy within and among people. And “out there”, beyond earth, are the moon, planets, the Sun, its Sun, and “the Beyond” — where galaxies appear to follow ancient rhythms and resonances. 

Back here on earth, in the realm of Energy Healing, we may wonder, how does the practice of Attunement with sacred sound uniquely heal, relieve, and uplift human beings (since ancient times), when other known remedies do not?

In answer, we have a glimpse into the Why and How, courtesy of the Law of the Octave.

Named for eight primary pitches in a musical scale — the “white” keys on a piano’s keyboard, for instance (with alphabetic letters “A” to “G”, then up to another higher pitched “A”) — the Law of the Octave recognizes that notes on the musical scale that are eight steps from each other (thus named with the same recurring letter) have a closely kindred nature, heard distinctly when notes in octave (a “perfect 8th”) are sounded. 

An “A” vibrates at 440 Hz (“Hertz”, a measure of frequency), and the “A” an octave higher vibrates at exactly twice the speed (440 x 2= 880 Hz). The next higher “A” likewise vibrates at (again) exactly twice the speed (880 x 2= 1760 Hz); the next higher “A” at 3520 Hz – and then, 7040 Hz — and so on, continuing to Infinity.

Along the way, those associated frequencies surpass the audible range and move into the ranges of AM & FM radio; TV; microwave; infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light; x-ray, etc.

Yet, at every octave, a multiple of the original frequency (in this case, 440 Mz) remains in concord with every other octave of “A” resonating through the infinite frequency spectrum.

This energy spectrum vibrates, not just through higher frequencies, but at an equally infinite range of lower frequencies, from A-440 — down to A-220 ; A-110; A-55, etc., to Infinity below.

At 27.5 Hz, we near the lowest frequencies audible to humans and approach the ranges of Schumann resonances, electromagnetic waves that exist between the earth’s surface and the earth’s ionosphere. Then, when tonal frequencies (like musical sounds) “slow down” enough, they become “rhythms”.

A rhythm that is near and dear to each of us is our own heartbeat — something we just can’t live without — beating at a frequency around 1 Hz (one beat per second). Our bodily processes (and that of many organisms on earth) adhere to daily circadian oscillations, coordinating our capacities with the earth day-night rhythms.

The earth rotates around its axis at a frequency of once per day, revolves around the sun at a frequency of once per year, and responds to the monthly frequencies of the moon’s cycles.

Our sun revolves around Its Sun (as far as we can tell). And the Milky Way itself marches majestically — and for us, quite slowly — through the heavens, true to its own frequency that encompasses millions of years. So, to the best of our present understanding, there are infinitely fast vibrations and infinitely slow ones.

Putting aside, for a moment, the Grand Scale of It All, WHY is all this directly significant to us, and how does it affect our everyday lives? That question’s simple answer surmounts everything:   

The Law of the Octave bespeaks a constant, orderly, powerfully resonating framework that governs and integrates the frequency spectrum of the Cosmos — the infinite Ocean of Motion that is our Universe. That immutable Design, ongoingly measured with the Law of the Octave, inherently transmutes all ascending Life Energy into Being One with SourceEnergy.

And here, our own currents of connectedness with Life Energy — initiating countless resonant processes into manifestation in any given moment, including each breathing Soul’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities — live in evidence of the actual, tangible Attunement that, in truth, we share with the Creator and all of Creation.

What a Wondrously Marvelous Wellspring of Life Energy, Eternal Being IS …

Truths You Now Remember

In last week’s blog post, I shared with you my intent to work for 44 days with 22 proven processes that actualize a one-of-a-kind textbook of sorts, “Ask and It Is Given”. This is my third time practicing with the complete set of processes; And as I proceed anew, I may say more about my own uniquely evolving experience.

Albeit now, I would offer to you a first-time option: Simply scan the book’s chapters; then (when unhurried) pick out those processes that call to you.

Source Energy 

In the book’s ‘Forward’, best-selling author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer asserts:

“At this moment, it contains some of the most powerful teachings available to you on our planet today. 

“The teachings of Abraham, essentially, are focused on helping you to return, in all respects, to that Source from which all things originate and all return to, as well. You’re in direct, conscious contact with a cadre of honest, no-nonsense beings who have only your well-being in mind.

“The message here is quite startling, and yet oh-so-simple. I encourage you to read these words carefully and apply them instantly.”   

Then Esther, with (now-nonphysical) Jerry, have lots to say – with rich stories from “both sides now”. Moreover, a multitude of heavenly hosts known as Abraham, expressing to us in one voice channeled through Esther Hicks, makes us aware of that which we knew before time began, yet was forgotten until now. 

There are several essential principles to be elaborated upon. However, the first, “Truths You Now Remember”, is offered to us from Abraham here: 

“You have been reminded of many things that you have always known.

“You now remember that you are an extension of SourceEnergy, and that you have come into your physical body, into this leading edge time-space reality, for the purpose of joyously taking thought beyond that which has been before.

“You now remember that you have a guidance system within you that helps you to know, in every moment, how much of your connection to that which is your Source you are allowing right now.

“You now remember that the better you feel, the more you are in alignment with who you really are; and the worse you feel, the more you are disallowing that important connection.

“You now remember that there is nothing you cannot be, do, or have. If your dominant intention is to feel good and you make the best of where you are, you will reach your natural state of joy.

“You now remember that you are free (in fact, you are so free that you could choose bondage), and that everything that comes to you is in response to the thoughts you are thinking. Whether you are thinking about your past, present, or future, you are offering a vibration that equals your point of attraction.

“You now remember that the Law of Attraction is always fair, and there is no injustice — for whatever is coming to you is doing so in response to the vibrations that you are offering due to the thoughts you are thinking. 

“You now remember that there is no dark switch; there is no source of ‘evil’, sickness, or lack … Everything that happens to you is all your doing.

“And, most importantly, you now remember that Well-Being is the basis of your world, and that unless you are doing something that is disallowing it, then Well-Being is your experience. You may allow it or resist it, but only a Stream of wellness, abundance, clarity, and all good things that you desire … flows.”

More is to come from Abraham; from various other expressions of Source; And from the deeply flowing Remembrances within our own highest Selves.

The Journaling of Life’s Sojourns Continues Onward and Apace…!

Ask and It is Given

Meet Abraham, Esther, and Jerry…

Abraham was a highly significant character in The Old Testament of the Bible. So was Esther — although Esther was a significant character in the time of Moses, not Abraham. (It was Sarah who was significant in the time of Abraham.) And Jerry was not an Old Testament character at all — significant or otherwise!

Actually, Esther and Jerry are highly significant people in this modern day’s Earth. Abraham is also, yet in quite a different way. Now, please meet Esther and Jerry Hicks — two people with amazing stories to tell! 

I want you to know about them (albeit you may well have heard of them already) because certain aspects of my own experience are akin to theirs. (More on my part in this will follow later.) Firstly, though …   

Here’s a statement from Jerry, amidst his search for words to describe a vast range of Knowing. It can be found in his Preface to the book titled Ask and It is Given — co-authored by both Esther and Jerry: 

“Decades ago, when searching for plausible answers to my never-ending quest to know what ‘It’ was all about, I discovered the word ‘Ineffable’ (meaning ‘incapable of being expressed in words’). Ineffable coincided with a conclusion I had formed relative to it.

“I had decided that the closer we get to knowing the ‘Non-Physical,’ the fewer words we have for clearly expressing it. And so, any state of complete knowing would also be a state of ineffability. In other words, at this point in our time-space reality, the Non-Physical cannot be clearly expressed with physical words.

“My wife, Esther, is one of those rare persons who can, at will, relax her conscious mind enough to allow the reception of Non-Physical answers to whatever is asked. At the heart of those insights is the most powerful Law of the Universe — the Law of Attraction.” (More detail on that topic to be presented soon.)

“Our book, Ask and It is Given, offers you a hands-on course in spiritual practicality. It is a how-to book in the broadest sense of the term — that is how to be, do, or have anything that pleases you. This book also teaches you how not to be, do, or have anything that displeases you.”

In the Forward of the book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, best-selling author of The Power of Intention, offers this: 

“I encourage you to read these words carefully and apply them instantly. They summarize an observation I’ve offered for many years now: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

“You are about to see and experience a whole new world changing right before your eyes. This is the world created by SourceEnergy that wants you to reconnect to it and live a life of joyful well-being.”  

For a third time, I (PenDell) am about to treat myself to an in-depth consideration of the 22 Processes that fill out the reality found in Ask and It Is Given”. The process will take me 44 days to complete — One day with reading and absorbing each process, then one following day for practicing each process in turn.

And as I do, I’ll share with you my experience in succinct portions of my ensuing blog posts, amidst all other themes — some still ongoing, and some that may be brand new. Something for all of us is my aim.

Onward We Sojourn Invariably … With You …
— PenDell 

In Witness of the Ineffable

Grand Parenthood, Part 2

“Ineffability” is a word identifying experiences that cannot be portrayed in words spoken (or habits of mental concept, for that matter). Often, with my blog posts here, I am hard-pressed to find words to manifest and express what I most want to share with you. Therefore, let’s rely on real life experience! Nothing beats my own personal experiences with our grandson, Reed.

Baby Reed, now 3 months old

We treasured this past weekend — when time flew by for Melanie and me over a four-hour, ever scenic drive from our northern Colorado home to majestic Crested Butte, high in the Rocky Mountains.   

We were about to be with Reed for three straight days — while, several miles away, his mom and dad (Evan & Isabel, our son & daughter-in-law) were attending a wedding ceremony (with Evan officiating), receptions, and other attendant events for two long-time friends of his.

Melanie & I took turns caring for our precious grandbaby bundle. Hence — for the several hours that Reed and I were together, just him and me — we saw each other’s fun on display — with wide eyes, flailing arms and legs (his!), and joyful smiles and coos abounding. All the while, I was conscious of innate, yet newly evolving (wordless) patterns of communication between us.

First, I took to mimicking his hand movements and facial expressions, while softly singing overtones to him audibly and visibly, for both his ears and eyes to perceive synchronously. 

Next, I lifted one hand high above our heads with fingers splayed out and sweeping the air, like a floating bird. Ably, Reed followed it intently (so much so that his previously hard-chomped pacifier became suspended between his gums.) Soon, a second “bird” (my other hand) took flight, and both flew like falcons apace in formation. It was then that I saw his energy “mellow”.

With his nap time due and a growing song list from me, an exquisite quietude qraced Reed’s countenance. Actually, I can assert that I shared several mystical moments with a physically tiny tot, Reed, yet amidst a powerful Presence encompassing and sublimely enfolding both of us.    

Still barely out of infancy at the moment, and in wonderment, sussing out this world’s many contrasts (amidst a baby soul’s wanderlust of hungering after Mommy’s unique nourishment), Angel-Incarnate Reed was now discerning through radiant eyes, reflecting deep pools of pure Being, so timelessly kindred to me that I found my soul transfixed in witness of the Ineffable. 

And then, in the deepest stretch of the final night when Reed was still staying with us, I had a vivid dream. It was similar to a quite memorable vision in my past — a day after I had been sleeping endlessly for weeks while edging toward a so-called near-death experience. I remember this:  

I was in a non-physical realm, witnessing (yes) ineffable emanations — currents of which I was acutely aware and deeply understanding (albeit far from anything mental or vaguely palpable). 

Today, in quite distant retrospect, I can only attempt a few lines to depict the message thereof. Here they are:

“We have been with you on this journey for a long time now, embracing your divine heritage grounded in great wisdom and understanding in the way of Love, Light, and Life.

“You asked to be Here Now. And, with your every sojourn through time and space, you live your deepest longing: To Love and to Be Loved — through Living each day in the Fullness of Life. 

“You have found Peace and safety with Us by listening to the subtle, clear wisdom streaming from Currents Invisible. Such profound Emanations speak to you constantly through us, your closest of friends: They encompass us all, guide us, refresh us, and show us One everlasting Truth that leads to all truths.”

That One Everlasting Truth I sense every minute of every day — Whenever I remember, then  know (preferably always!) that I live in witness of the Ineffable, the Unspeakable beyond words — the inevitable unknown changes that are the only things that can be unequivocally counted upon to never change.

And most of all perhaps, steadfast assurance that any seemingly near-death experience is, in truth, an invitation to ascend — either Ascension to the “Sweet by & by Hereafter” or else, much more efficiently and conveniently “Ascending in Place” starting Now, while embracing this moment ever present, here on dear Mother Earth.

That is quickly becoming my inherent Lifestyle — amidst every precious day granted.

I’ll See You Around … ByeBye (only) for Now …!