Longings of the Heart

Full Release to the Core

After more than a year now, a worldwide pandemic still makes way for a “mass ascension” with more than an estimated 2.5 million souls entering the non-physical realms. Now, I wonder, how could there not be deep longings of the heart in as many relatives, friends, and lovers still alive on earth, helplessly grieving loss and separation from dearly departed loved ones?

A Longing Heart

There is, by universal design, the natural thinning of a vibratory “veil” between the earthly realm which we see and know and the invisible realms in the cosmos beyond — a range of Source Energy that I myself encountered at close range, when faced with a “Near-Death Experience” (a more accurate and descriptive term that I, for one, know to be a “near-ascension experience”.

When a close friend asked me about it, I heard myself briefly say, “Returning to earth after glimpses of heaven, I no longer fear death”. After a few moments of serene silence, my friend met my gaze and said (in his few words), “You just said all what matters, dear friend.”

He then told me of his own experience with a life-threatening “close call”, after having spent several years as a grief care counselor with “accidental caregivers” (ones suddenly obliged to care for others). Thus, he knew firsthand the dynamics of “care-receiving” as well as caregiving. 

While at it, he confided that the deepest longing of his heart was to be of true service to others. And, to be effective, that service had to start with being of service to his own cogent mind, clear heart, and clean hands. His humble, kind words reminded me that:

  1. “Self Care” is an everyday discipline that is indeed caregiving of a crucial nature. Just as airlines advise parents to be sure, in case of an emergency, to don their own facemask prior to the child’s, the most self-sustained person there is the caregiver.

  2. Grief counseling is important. For grief to be healed and released, it must be faced. And nowadays, grief is seen as, not a thing to be denied in oneself or ignored by others, but seen as being in urgent need of quick, safe, and successful team efforts. 

In that wise, grief over the loss of a loved one is an enduring theme of cinema, yet it is also one of the most complex human experiences captured on film. Such is often depicted amidst a larger story line.

Two TV series — long-standing Heartland and now-retired Council of Dads — deal with grief’s aftereffects, as does the movie Sleepless in Seattle with a happy ending had by a widower and his son. In contrast, the movie A Star is Born centers on a starlet who is utterly devastated by the suicide of her passionate, yet drug-addicted, one true love.

Now, I hasten here to include that treasured movie, Forrest Gump — one of Tom Hanks’ many hallmark roles. It is the self-narrated story of a simple-minded man who grows in wisdom, while close at hand for him is the passing away of both his “Mama” (the sole one who nurtured his early years), and “Jenny”, his free-spirited best friend who personified the love of his life.

Not only can films about grief and loss reflect the experiences one is going through; they can also give a new perspective on bereavement, and help those who haven’t experienced grief (with its shock, anger, despair, and renewal) to understand how it differs from any other kind of pain.

And above all, when one approaches lyrical content hearing what resonates with the “Invisible”, it becomes clear that — though sincere words may ostensibly address a human love interest — core longings of the heart and soul express an ineffable, uniquely personal surrender that spirals sublimely “Upward”.

Full release of pure longing is of an ageless, inherent nature  — much more elemental than any habitual belief, faith, or hope could ever be. And it is, for certain, beyond emotional addictions or theological, even theosophical, persuasions.

Interestingly enough, such powerful longings can be fulfilled perfectly through humble and kind service outflowing to others.

Indeed, the heart sings when doing something for someone else makes for a beautiful day in the neighborhood … 

Have a Beautiful Day!

Say What You Need to Say

To Love and to Be Loved

When singer-songwriter John Mayer performs “Say What You Need to Say”, reviewers note that most listeners have its title emblazoned in their memories. And why wouldn’t it be? That lyric line repeats itself no less than 32 times in total.

John Mayer

Meanwhile, supporting lyrics interspersed throughout the score impart profound messages that address longings in the human heart — with a central root being “To Love and to Be Loved”.

Hence, while yielding one’s open mind and feeling realm to these assertively instructive verses, one’s needs, desires, and ambitions may well be enriched by the timely insights voiced therein. And they are further amplified when actuated via resonant practices, like these (herein below).  

“Take out of your wasted honor every little past frustration.”

Meditate deeply by surrounding yourself in silence. Then, relax into a serene headspace that is focused solely on your long, rhythmic breathing in & breathing out; breathing in & breathing out.

“Take all your ‘problems’: Better put them in quotations.”

Journaling is an act of expressing one’s deepest thoughts and feelings by writing words that reflect true and abiding currents. And Journaling helps one clarify ingrained habits of belief and concept, and bring release, and thus relief, from latent patterns of emotion.

Consistent journaling calls upon one to slow down and give thoughtful attention to present-day facets of Life here on Earth. And “Your Earth’s” unique realm manifests from your individual responsibilities, opportunities, and resultant circumstances.

“Walkin’ like a one-man army, fightin’ with the shadows in your head,
Say what you need to say.”

Affirmations aid in transforming random mental drifting into Self-governed thought. In addition, unchecked emotions — like, for example, fuming anger from grief over the loss of loved ones — can be soothed with affirmations that are rhythmically sustained by measured out-breaths of grateful joy for living Life in Its fullness.

“Givin’ up the same old moments, knowing you’ll be better off instead,
Say What You Need to Say.”

Visualization frames vivid, present-moment experiences — not just sight, but sound, taste, smell & touch — connecting one’s senses of vibratory essences to practical manifestations in form.”

“Have no fear for giving — No fear of giving in, or giving over …”

This integrated text involves different meanings — each one, pivotal to true Being.

  1. Have no reticence over giving and receiving forgiveness of your Self;
  2. Release yourself from restraints as regards the robust abundance of Generosity;
  3. Express your true Self, without concern for results or the views of others.

It could even suggest fearlessly surrendering a perceived need to control the uncontrollable.

Physical Exercise, I find, is a fertile field for giving oneself a unique gift of Plenitude — a quiet, unassuming, yet actionable wellspring that satisfies all of the aspirations listed above. 

One’s physical body, when kept healthy, is a “willing servant”, so to speak. Having no capacity of its own for judgment or reservation, it unerringly serves whatever one’s heart and mind require.

An example of this from my experience involves the physical exercise regimen that I created (four years ago now) to sustain my Life force while facing quite an intense health challenge. 

Even decades before that, I was barely able to manage 20 pushups in a row. Well, that was then. And This is the Here and Now! — Wherein …

20 challenging pushups for me back then expanded, over time, to 420 easy pushups now.

Seven days a week (for three 20-minute sessions), I reel off those 420 push-ups during daylight hours — 140 (20×7) pushups in each of 3 sessions (early morning, noontime, & late afternoon).

The sets of pushups are timed to the second with a stopwatch, and integrated with various other exercises (ie. planks, handstands, leg lifts, and assorted aerobic and anaerobic routines).

In rhythm with consistent daily meditation, disciplined diet, plenty of sound sleep, informed, Self-governed thought, and a blessed surround of loving family and kind friends, my physical body gives itself fully in response to the Wholeness in Life Currents with which it resonates.

 In the end, it’s better to say too much
than to never say what You need to say.”
(Remember that “personal Journaling” is a “contained” (safely private) way to say too much!)
“Even if your hands are shakin’
And your faith is broken
Even as eyes are closin’
Do it with a Heart Wide Open

Where you can
Say What You Need to Say

Brave Enough

The New Day Blooms …

An outstanding presentation by Amanda Gorman, the 22-year-old Youth Poet Laureate, was widely heralded as an inspiration gracing President Joe Biden’s Inauguration ceremony. The culminating verse proclaimed a powerful declaration, as follows:

“When day comes, we step out of the shade, Aflame and unafraid,
The new day blooms as we free it. For there is always light,
If only we are brave enough to see it. If only we are brave enough to Be it.”

Aflame & Unafraid

There have been times in my 69 years when I questioned whether I was brave enough. 

As some of you know — almost 4-1/2 years ago now, I contracted a rare, chronic autoimmune disease that belabored me for several delirious weeks, followed by another prolonged period of time when I was, in no way, cognizant of the everyday life I had been blessed to live before. 

One day (out of the blue), I became newly aware of the Spirit-guided nature of my true Being. It felt as if my obedient, yet stressed body and soul were being nurtured by serene slumbers — While being intrinsically held, actuated, and sustained from above and beyond the dimensions and dynamics of time, space, and any human sense of separation, one from another.

Surrounded by that sublime stillness and deep peace, I could steward an innate knowing that supplants intellectual knowledge, and ease that makes light of “dis-ease” (the absence of ease). 

The essence of Spirit thereof was an apt depiction of Amanda Gorman’s poetic statement: “There is always Light — If we are brave enough to see It, If we are brave enough to Be It”.

Nowadays, here “at home” — Working with the weekly blog these last five months — I have come to know that we have only just begun to “light up” All that can be manifested and expressed!

Parenthetically, I realize that, heretofore, I have been reluctant to present a range of esoteric elements which may well be truly “ineffable” (ie, indescribable beyond words) — All the while, I desired not to come off as sounding theoretical, impractical, or abstractly belief-ridden.

Albeit in the end, the true remedy for all such challenges is two-fold: Outward and Upward:

OUTWARD: To Practice an Abiding Simplicity in All Facets of Daily Living and Serving — And …

UPWARD: To Constantly Let Go into the Ever-Present Spirit, where there is a resistance-free Openness that witnesses One’s highest Self continually affirming the Word expressed:

“I AM Spirit — YOUR Spirit —
One with the Eternal Field of Light.
I AM with You and In You, Brave One —
Above & Beyond any material illusions —

We Are One —
As We Have Always Been — As We Now Are —  & As We Will Forever Be
— I in You, and You in Me —
In the Eternal Present Moment of Light Shining
And the Dawn of the New Day Blooming

Mind, Mood, and Memory

Among the usual daily dozen of unrequested marketing mailings that I find stuffed in my mailbox, I recently came across a poochy, padded envelope. Upon opening it, I found a general form letter of introduction, a logo-laden “2021” wall calendar; a large sheet of tiny return address stickers with my (often misspelled) name on each, and finally a stack of mass-mailed sales material offering me and many a $1-a-month subscription, titled, “Mind, Mood, & Memory” 


Initially quizzical about its purpose, I soon discovered that — even with it reflecting rather dense marketing approaches aimed to impress — its central content was sourced from Massachusetts General Hospital — rated tops in the field of aging and general health. 

“Mind, Mood, & Memory” aims to emphasize a healthy balance in one’s state of mind. This sustains physical energy and vitality, while reducing (or at least postponing) effects of aging.

Mind — Providing the means by which one centers one’s “world” via conscious, uplifting intent;
Mood Noting temporary (often momentary) reactions that influence subconscious emotions;
Memory Honing faculties for rehearsing, processing, then storing experiences from the past.

How opportune this reminder was!: Because, just a day before, I had rediscovered a rationale that I originally developed and taught to college music students years ago. And, for decades since, I have found it to be useful in my own meditations and other personal growth processes.

As an approach to releasing memories of personal challenges in the past, it provides a matrix for using literary sources as present-day templates to help retrain mindset, mood, and memory.

Here’s a good example of a text (song lyrics, in this case) that specifically presents this model: An aria here, from the modern pop opera, “Les Miserables”, begins with warm reminiscences of “times gone by” and then suddenly turns toward forlorn feelings of grief and anger, as follows: 

“I dreamed a dream in times gone by, When hope was high and life worth living.
I dreamed that Love would never die, I dreamed that God would be forgiving.
Then I was young and unafraid; And dreams were made, and used, and wasted.
There was no ransom to be paid — No song unsung, no wine untasted.

“But the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder.
As they tear your hope apart as they turn your dream to shame.
I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I’m living,
So different now from what it seemed; Life killed the dream I dreamed.”

Now, if this were a narrative of one of my own real-life experiences (albeit poetic), I would address the first four lines only, and change that text from past to future. Doing so would be worded as something like what follows herein below:

“I’ll Dream my Dream as Time goes by, While Hope is Nigh and Life IS Living.
I Know that Love will Never Die, I Know that God Gives Vast Abundance.

“Now I am Sage and Made Aware that We are Here for One Great Purpose,
And our Greatness shows by day, And our Voice Bespeaks Sheer Wonder.  

“There is No Contest to be Won, for there is Only Life Eternal.
And the Dream Here Now is Done. Love Abides Forevermore.” 

So, I ongoingly nurture my own writing style to focus and sustain a pure, positive expression of Love, Truth, and Life. In addition, I give keen attention to ranges of literary and other artistic sources (those from all eras and genres) that provide Inspiration and Life-sustainability for All.   

Your Generous & Gracious Input is Gratefully Received Anytime. as always …

Listen to I Dreamed a Dream sung by Susan Boyle  — (Skip ads)

Emanation-Actuated Resonance

A Sanguine Setting for Being

There are currently tumultuous days in America — what with 4% of the world’s population in the USA now facing 20% of the global pandemic load — while governance is disenfranchising itself.   

In pensive times like these — when individual, hence collective, sadness and fear may well fester grief and anger — there is a sanguine “Spirit on High” heralding a cardinal Truth for all Mankind: 

“YOU are each a Divine Being with a unique, perfectly suited consciousness that you yourself requested and received at the moment of your own sacred incarnation into the realms of Earth.”

“That gift of your Divine Nature remains absolutely impervious at the core of your soul. And Now is when you can be assured of the true purpose and safe directions where your Journey goes.”

My own responsibility for living on Earth is based in my awareness and resultant attention to the invisible emanations that imbue my visible creative fields of manifestation and expression.

In this phase of my life, I am finely attuned to Currents that move me, speak to and through me, inform me, and care for me. As these Currents shape my expression in this world, I feel the emanation and the resonance which is me. It is Emanation-Actuated Resonance (E.A.R.). 

As the Currents come to me, I discern pristine sonic elements from the invisible Source of Life Energy that emanates fully in all of Creation — including our reality of tangible forms on Earth.

In a previous phase of my life, I studied music and sound in depth. A key element of the study was ear training that helped me precisely fine-tune to the accurate pitch, melody, harmonies, and timbres of a wide range of varied sounds.

I currently find that this honed skill from my earlier development of years ago now serves to assist my renewed ability to attune with different, yet kindred ranges of vibratory Current. Albeit these present currents are not “sonic” per se, they are “currents of the Heart” that fluidly blend with me in my current E.A.R. experience.

Blessings are poured into and through me in this process. The flow of Current through me generates a “sacred” (silently fertile) creative field for currents of Emanation that Actuate amidst the peaceful, still Resonance of a sanguine setting for Being.

This is my sacred wish today: Peace Be Unto Us, Each & All …