7 Vibrations in Nature

Recently, I participated in an energy healing event named the Attunement Summit. There, fellow musician and attunement practitioner, Dr. Anthony Palombo, held a session, where he asked me to demonstrate aspects of overtone chanting and their health benefits.

As in one of his books, “Attunement with Sacred Sound”, his Summit session shared pivotal revelations about the phenomenal connection we all have to the powerfully grand energies of all Creation. A seeming platitude that states “We are all one; we are one with everything” is, in fact, quite true.  

Tony and I have been close friends and colleagues for over 40 years now. Never has there been a time, in my observation, when Tony has not exhibited a conscious attitude that consistently recognizes an interplay between the intangible and the tangible (heaven and earth, if you will). 

Heaven on Earth (Photo Credit: Lucas Calloch)

Such symbiosis makes possible a deep kinship between people, amidst the universal resonance that entrains throughout all of Creation, with its infinite components.

Tony’s is a noble stance and vision, to be sure; Yet why would that be relevant to us here now? Because, when we become aware of a full spectrum of learning, guidance, and inspiration, we will perceive with the same outlook that Tony has: One filled with awe, wonder, discovery, and a deep sense of privilege to know and work in this precious, delicate, and (dare I say) sacred field.

Tony and I carry an enduring admiration for one another. Here is a written example of, not only of Tony’s generously kind and giving spirit, but also his wise insights on Love, Truth, and Life:

“Scanning my documents in search of a file recently, I came upon something my friend, PenDell Pittman, scribed and sent to me several months ago. As you will see, it echoes and expands — in a most clear and thoughtful way — the creative processes through which the Spirit of Love moves into the body.

“It is mediated and differentiated into seven vibrational frequencies by the seven glands of the endocrine system — in order to touch the physical realm and thus re-create and maintain the “new earth” of our bodies.

“PenDell’s meditations envision the same creative process as what unfolds amidst Creation Itself in the larger cosmic context. The first words of Genesis reflect these divine processes: 

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth; and the earth was without form and void. Darkness was on the face of the deep; And God said: ‘Let There Be Light’ (Genesis 1:1)’

“The Universe unfolded out of the Light, shaped by the Sound of Love’s Word, then differentiated into seven rainbow frequencies composing the Music of the Spheres. 

“In five cosmic days, the world of nature was created as a setting for Man and Woman to live and share the ongoing work of creating the world of beauty we see around us in Nature now. PenDell describes it, step by cosmic step, in this beautiful writing (herein below)” 


Vibration 1:   Lines of Love Force radiate into the unformed. 

Vibration 2:   The unformed is attracted to, and becomes stimulated by, Vibration 1. A Womb for Vibration 1 is established and becomes Vibration 2. In harmony with Vibration 1, Vibration 2 begins to radiate Lines of Force further into the unformed.    

Vibration 3:   The Radiation of the harmonization of Vibration 1 and Vibration 2 create patterns of complexity in the unformed which blossom into Vibration 3, the Life Force.

Vibration 4:   The radiance of Vibration 3 moves out into a wider radius, enticing greater complexity.  Eurythmic relationships emerge between existing complexities.This intermingling sets in motion a new pulsation that adds Assurance and Clarity to the Lines of Love Force.  

Vibration 5:   The Lines of Love Force moving through Vibration 4 bring about an urge for greater specificity. Direction and Purpose are established within the matrix of complexities by the radiation of Sanctification.

Vibration 6:   The radiation of Vibration 5 brings a calming influence to the creative cauldron out of which a focus of Intelligence and Coordination comes into play and begins to apply itself as the Force of Tranquility, flowing gently within a matrix of complexities.

Vibration 7:   The Vibration 6 Lines of Force pour out into an atomic substance, causing it to tremble. Cymatic patterns of design begin to appear in the atomic substance that, in time, find relationships in symbiotic configurations that yet again grow in complexity. Amidst the resultant Vibration 7, Patience, (and Mother Earth), a creative cycle of New Earth is born.

Tony continues, “In this beginning of a New Day, God is incarnate on Earth in a body of heavenly hosts who have found one another and connected along ancient lines of eternal friendship. A new Heaven is already entraining human consciousness for a new Earth — a creative void awaiting its inevitable birth.

“Darkness is once again upon the face of the deep of tomorrow. The Spirit of God again moves on the face of the waters; and Angelic Hosts, incarnate and awake on earth, say with one voice in one accord, “Let There Be Light!

“And there IS Light. And, in the Light of Love, there is peace in the heart, and stillness in the outer mind. 

“And the peace and stillness allow minute details of design and control in Heaven for the New Earth to unfold and reveal themselves — all in the seasons of the Lord, and the rhythms of the Music of the Spheres.”

And we’ve only just begun Day One.  Let Love shine into the darkness without concern for tomorrow.  All is well and well within the hands of God on Earth. 

Patience is the call of the day. Let it all unfold naturally.